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Hi all, are there any specific procedures for requesting for Taxi To Parking once landed? I’ve been switching to Ground Frequency once landed and request for taxi to parking whilst exiting the runway, however the ATC asks me to follow instructions. Should I exit the runway before request or is there anything that I’ve been doing wrong…


You should Request Taxi to parking once you are on the Taxiway and when you have been told to Exit the runway when able contact ground on the taxiway.

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And what @Sashaz55 says, Exit the runway. go beyond the hold line from RW to TW. then full stop and switch and request

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It’s important to have received a “contact Ground” at some point. I contact ground when vacating (on the taxiway) after having received the “contact ground” most of the times and it works.

Not necessarily actually. It’s fine to contact ground as you’re turning off the runway as long as you continue exiting in an expeditious manner. Issues, however, can arise when you STOP before the hold short line and contact ground, since that hinders traffic flow on the runway.


cool thanks for the help—just to make it clear, is it like
‘land properly–>acknowledge ‘switch to ground when able’ instruction -->switch to ground and request taxi to parking as you veer off the RW into TW–> keep moving no full stop’?

also cool title buddy what does ‘IFVARB Admin’ mean?(totally new here)


That is the correct procedure

IFVARB is Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regularity(correct me if I’m wrong) Board

They are the admin for approving Virtual Airlines like vEZY, BAVA, AFKLM (if you know what that is). These are approved VAs, that means they can advertise for themselves on IFC

Any airline in the “prospective va staff thread” are not yet approved and can not advertise via IFC

It is a long process to create a virtual airline

You can read more at ifvarb.com

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Exactly, only stop (when clear of the runway!) if you don’t receive a taxi to parking.

I’d like to add one more thing.
When at an active airport it’s important to be aware of other aircraft around you.
When exiting the active runway look out for other aircraft taxing to the other end of the runway on the taxiway you are entering.
It’s happened to me a few times where aircraft exit the runway and basically taxi into me. I’ve since then learnt to give wway to aircraft exiting the runway. On the flip side I’ve also learnt to plan my runway exit when landing as to not interrupt someone taxiing for departure.

Normal if given an exit instruction it sounds somewhat like this " (callsign) exit right, contact ground on the taxiway."

Bear in mind you may get a command from Tower to exit the runway, cross another runway, and then contact Ground. Do it in that order - you have been instructed to cross the other runway, so do that and then contact Ground when fully off that second runway, not before.

Similarly, if told by Tower to exit the runway and hold short of another runway, that means you should remain connected to Tower - they will give you clearance to cross. Do not contact Ground until instructed.

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