Expert Server stuff

Hey I’m on grade 3 and when I access the expert sever I get on and then I’m told I’m on grade 2 and my wifi icon on the top right of my screen goes red, any help…?[Uploading...]()


Move this to #support please. 😀

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Please remember that the expert server is for advanced players only I am not saying you are bad but it’s mainly for people who know what they are doing like the people that know to follow all atc instructions… Ps don’t just jump strait on the expert server. I waited 2 months before I went on it.

You most likely got a ghost which made your grade go down you were probably speeding or not following atc commands.

Were you flying and lost signal? Or, you might got reported etc… If there is ATC nearby you were flying and if you still remember their name better contact to ask they are involved or not. If they aren’t then possibilities are two.

  1. Three users (pilots only except ATC = instant ghost in expert / no action in training) reported you

  2. You are automatically reported because of… speed violation, landed on the airport with restricted aircrafts, runway block

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