Expert server stress! Ugh!

I just did my first flight in busy airspace from DCA to JFK. For those of you that were there I apologize. I know I made several mistakes and coming into JFK stressed me out. I appreciate experts having patience with me because I know that was not smooth. I had to be redirected and corrected more than once. I don’t know if I will try it again. I know I need to keep learning and yes I did practice a lot on the casual server before trying the expert. But the ATC is so good and everyone is so good at following rules and procedures I feel like I’m a bull in the air china shop. It is intimidating!

I think I’m going to recover with a solo flight in a Cub somewhere in northern Canada. 😂


A key thing with a busy airspace is to take it slow and keep calm.

You’ll get there :)


Nice to have you with us on the Expert Server! We certainly don’t bite but I commend your own self-awareness. The best advice when you’re out of your element is to take your time and do things at a slower pace when the situation allows for it, whether that is spending a little more time at the gate for planning or reducing speed in the descent to slow things down to a manageable rate.

Keep flying with ATC and you’ll find that rhythm in no time. If you need help along the way you’re welcome to send me a PM here on the forum or you can contact your controller directly by searching their name exactly as you see it in-app!

You might also find these resources helpful:

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We hope to see you on frequency soon!


Hey! I was your approach controller!
Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere. Remember, we’re not here to ruin your experience or report you, we’re here to help. As far as I’m concerned, you did fine, just a few things that will need correcting but nothing that you can’t fix!
Hope you had a nice flight. 😁


Oh my! Now I’m really feeling it! This makes me smile that you posted though. As I approached and was asked for my intentions, I tried to request an approach to JFK but it wasn’t on the list. So I said standby. I kept looking and looking and it still wasn’t on the the list. Then I guess you guessed I was coming for JFK because you directed me to descend and turn towards the airport. Well then when I came to where I would turn final I hadn’t heard anything so kept going, which kept me on base too far. So I switched to tower which I wasn’t supposed to do (I’ve been studying more directions since). Anyway thanks for the patience. Being reported or shamed would only make me want to stay away and your encouragement and patience makes me want to try again! I know I’m new and I certainly don’t want to mess up the experience for others.


Took me a while to get used to all of the procedures on the expert server. However once it clicks, you’ve got it. Practice makes perfect…


That comment is unnecessary here @JGordon.


On this note if you were, in your mind, wrongfully reported or seeing actions made by the controller something you would deem wrong to the point of reporting the controller feel free to reach out to a IFATC Supervisor and for a report the @appeals team. This is highly unlikely as IFATC are well trained and are taught to only report or make actions when necessary. Also as @IF787 said really not appropriate to place what you said in this thread @JGordon.

So happy your getting the hand of Expert server hope to see you flying one day! You will pick up on it rather fast I bet!


Take expert slow and steady

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If you think a controller reported you wrongly or you wanted to enquire about why you were reported, contact the controller on the forum; they’re all on here with (usually/mostly) the same username as in game so you can privately message them. If you want a report to be reversed you can contact @appeals, but you must be sure that the controller made a mistake or that you didn’t deserve the report.

We all have to start somewhere. Definitely go for it. It will be worth it in the end, and we all make mistakes. Busy controlled airspaces are stressful for long-time ES pilots too!


Everyone has to start somewhere. Going from Training/Casual to Expert is quite a big jump for some which is totally fine.

It’s just another learning curve for you to get under your belt.

The more accustom you get, the easier it’ll become.


Keep in mind you can also use the training server to hone your ATC skills. Although ATC can sometimes make mistakes on the TS, it is better than the CS with no ATC.

All of us have been there before. I was scared to go into busy controlled airports for fear of being called out in a mess up. But the more you do it the better you’ll get at it. It’s absolutely fun watching other aircraft getting directed. Like clockwork.

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Yes and no. If the controller made a mistake you will get your report reversed, but sometimes, if you make a mistake and own up to it and show how you have learned from the situation, you can have the report reversed.

Hmmm, Coincidence, I barley get patience

I wasn’t speaking of anything recent. My incident occurred months ago and I’m over it now. I just pointed out my feelings or experience. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else


As I said to @USA_ATC I was speaking of an experience from ATC months ago. Nothing recent


Can you tell me if it is frowned upon to stay in the pattern in a busy place like JFK or LAX and practice coming in and going out and just being a part of the flow?

The downside is I don’t get the practice with approach and the handoff to tower and vice versa. That’s the part that makes me nervous.

Just dont panic, We all have been there first time on the expert server. What happens when you panic is you lose your focus on what ATC are actually asking you to do. Take deep breaths and just relax your body. JFK is a intimidating airport to fly into esp on the expert server. maybe fly into a less busy airport with APP/center and tower controllers on. The learning does not end when you reach the expert server. As others have said take things into your stride and believe me you will be fine. Hope to see you in the friendly skies of IF.