Expert Server SoFlo @ 18:00 Zulu

Hey there everyone!

Few of us IFATC folk are going to be doing a region change at 18:00 Zulu.

The chosen region is SOFLO.

But there’s going to be a slight change just to mix things up! ATC will be opening Delta and Charlie fields rather than the larger Bravos.

So come on over! Fly some patterns, or jump in an aircraft you don’t normally fly that often!

Please be aware of weight restrictions at the smaller fields, Ghosting will be enforced but we will give you the usual warnings.

Hopefully see you there!


Nice coordination, guys! Have fun.


Nice of you to let he commjnity know. Haven’t been to soflo in ages. May pop by.


Just a quick note, if you get a “aircraft is too large for this airport” command, it means 1 of 2 things:

  1. Your aircraft is too large (obviously)
  2. The runway is too small for your fighter that you are using.

If you get this command while you are on the ground, simply exit the session and change aircraft.


Or surely you can just change the aiport your flying to

Lots of Charlie’s and deltas open! Even with approach!

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Ahh yes, forgot to realise that… I have edited accordingly

Just closed KBOW, and all I can say is a big thanks to all the controllers and pilots!

Looks so nice to see without any big airports open! Plenty to choose from!


I always love it when So Flo is active in Expert!


Had to give out a few late go arounds at 06FA… unfortunately, the spawn point is just outside the thresholds at each end of the runway! When someone is on short final, you’re sitting there ready to send go around in case someone spawns! This poor guy had to go around twice! Kudos to him for following instructions, and handling the late go arounds!


It would be nice to see some more GA aircraft in the sky down here :/

I see you bud, off your left. Im the SR22

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This was fun. Thanks for mixing it up!

No worries! Seen you flying around think I gave you an approach too! Thanks for stopping by!

You sure did…I’m in one of your screenshots. Also Thanks to all the ATCs for your work on the expert server. You all do a awesome job…and i also appreciate all of you answering questions when asked through messaging. Keep up the great work!


Cheers man! Always nice to get the possitives! Posted your message in the IFATC slack!


@Grizpac if this was you, immediately after the callsign was read out, I sang the song.


Yes that’s me…now you can’t get the song outta your head, right? Haha.

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