Expert server so lonely?

Why us it so dang lonely?


It’s not. You’re probably just not around airports with open ATC

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I feel this shouldn’t be a topic but I’ll leave it to the mods to choose

Head to NZ if you wanna see busy ;)


I know, but what about other airpirts

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They’re empty because everyone is at the airports with ATC. It’s the same thing on Training actually.

Every week Tyler posts the IFATC schedule. Every day there is ATC service at new airports all across the globe. Use the link below to find out which airport is open on certain days of the week.


It’s pretty extreme on expert, but there (nearly) always is action where the ATC is!

MaxSez: @Vidal99977… “Only the Lonely” a great old song by Roy Orbison back in the day, Down loaded it and muse your 13 something
Yr old quandary while you locate the weekly IFATC schedule/locator at the top of the IF Community Home Page. Seems it takes a village to get the word out. G’day Max


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