Expert Server Scheduling: New vs. Old

And to add on to my previous statement the pole clearly shows that many people want the old system back.

It’s going to take time to get used to personally I like this new system because there is a lot higher chance for there to be ATC at some bigger airports and most people fly to the bigger ones like jfk or lax

I see what you mean but there is no variety anymore just major airports just like training, I don’t like that I have to compare it to that but it is what it is. Back in the days I can plan a flight to a airport that I know will have ATC or nowadays I take a chance to see if by the time I arrive there will be ATC. I have been trying to get used to this system since it came out and so far it’s no going good.


Not quite sure on the accuracy of this statement. In the old system, there were probably 3 airports open at a time because controllers would always wait for the hub, the secondary hub, and probably another airport close by. This is because traffic would always go between these 2 airports leaving the others practically empty.

Last night, the server was a bit quiet, I agree; however, I usually see more frequencies open. It all depends on the time of day and how available controllers are. They are volunteers.


Tl;dr: Traffic is significantly less concentrated now which makes it boring to fly to most places other than London or Los Angeles.

While others have rightly mentioned about ATC availability, I would also like to note that traffic in general has reduced across most airports. I personally like flying around airports which are buzzing with activity but this has become much more difficult with the new system, where the only option left is to organise group flights (if not flying to or from LHR/LAX).

If anything, I’d love to see a ‘suggested’ schedule which doesn’t impose upon IFATCs that they can only control a certain number of airports, but instead they’re encouraged to open them if they’d like. I think it’ll also bring much more certainty to people like me who want to see other planes on both ends of the flight, and those who like to fly different routes.

Either way, I’m glad feedback is being actively encouraged, and I look forward to seeing the changes in the coming months.


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