Expert Server Scheduling: New vs. Old

Hey, everyone. I wanted to make this post to discuss the community’s opinions on the New form of Expert Server IFATC (region based) vs. the old system (weekly schedules)

I personally miss the old system as it allowed IF pilots to be able to explore different places in the world, focusing on specific regions. What is everyone else’s thoughts?

I’ve also included a poll for reference if you don’t want to go into detail, but it would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

  • New Version (Region Based)
  • Old Version (Weekly Schedule Based)

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The system will take some getting used to. But it’s going to be great I think. A lot of effort has been put into this.


The best thing about the new system is any airport in any region can be opened. I’ve been able to open airports that we’ve never featured (or very rarely) in regions most people would have never explored.


The main problem with the new system is that I never have ATC when I’m landing, even at big airports like LFPG or YSSY


I understand. To be honest, a lot of people miss the schedule, including myself, since it features unknown regions, and It invites you to explore those.

Anyways, we have to be patient. It’s been a month and a half since it was introduced, and honestly, we are getting some good results. I suggest checking out the IFATC stats, and you may see a lot of different airports opened every day, which is good.

This has been talked before in this topic, with positive and negative feedback. And Tyler (the ATC manager) is working into some things to fix those issues. Check it out :)

Hope this helps :)

I don’t mind the new system, I only prefer the old one more because when the new system came I was really excited to see events taking place in the African region. But that sadly never happened, since the majority tend to avoid the continent as a whole. On the tracking thread most of the time South African airports gets featured more because of its new 3D airports, but almost never other countries. (Recently the thread have seen growth with IFATC controller LordWizrak’s new “263 Countries and Territories in 263 Days” topic.) On the old one however at least African airports would be featured from time to time.

This isn’t the fault of the IFATC team. I just wish people would fly in and out of Africa more instead of avoiding the continent and dismiss it as a “desert wasteland”.


I’ll be sure to check that page out, seems interesting.

Thanks for responding, and I see 100% what you mean. The point I was trying to make though, was that I feel like I have less of an ability to do specific flights in specific regions of the world with ATC both ways.

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Absolutely. We can now open thousands of airports instead of a few designated every day.

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The problem is, while in theory being able to open thousands of airports at any time sounds great, most of the time coverage is severely lacking and 75% of my flight include zero ATC now.

Scheduling long hauls and overnight flights with ATC in not even an option anymore.


I’m not denying that, of course that’s going to happen.

Personally, both systems had flaws and I think this new system could work with some changes. I think it’ll be improved upon over time.

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The issue will always going to be “The airport I am flying to does not have ATC” - No matter which approach is used… Unless there are thousands of ATC (which would be a nice thing to have) even then you run the risk of something not being open.

With the old method, Tyler would work his butt off trying to come up with airports for the schedule only to be criticized because one is used more than others, etc. You also had pilots that wanted to fly to where they wanted and did want to be forced to follow a schedule. It was not perfect and took a lot of effort to plan out to make sure airports are edited, etc.

On the flip side the new method lets the controllers control the region by using the flight board and seeing where the demand is, controllers can switch airports now ever 30 minutes.

I honestly don’t know if there is a perfect way as no matter what you come up with there will be pros and cons. Both ways make it hard for a pilot to know something will be open if you are doing a 12 hour flight. Even the old way did not guarantee anything.

The other thing to consider is the controllers. Not every controller is comfortable controlling a big bravo airport with 100 inbound. Which is why the region allows them to open a smaller airport and work their way up to let someone control something rather than nothing at all. Changing the required opening time from 60 to 30 minutes help to allow a controller open who may not have a full hour to dedicate. We encourage controllers to utilize the flight board to see where the demand is. We do have region tracking threads in #atc to help out too.

There is usually a topic once a week about this which has all been discussed before. The process is still new and being tweaked as needed while data is being gathered to make future decisions.

As always pilots are always welcome to join the ATC team so you can help out.


Yep, that’s the problem I have rn

Absolutely and still people and staff here believe that this new system is working very well, while the truth being that the predictability and the overall presence of ATC has reduced, one thing which made Expert server different from TS was its properly schedules which allowed predictability and a somewhat gaurantee of ATC at hubs. and to be really honest this has made IF very boring overall. Only thing which i can think of which can improve this is either bring back the old schedule altogether or introduce region schedule for every region( which still will result in less concentration of traffic as compared to the first option. If these measures are not taken then I’m really afraid for IFs future.


What data do you have to back this point? As much as Tyler and others have been open to feedback, it’s hard to take a statement seriously when the person making that statement left IFATC in rage from the new system, has complained nonstop ever since, and continues to have no data or evidence backing up their points. Either provide sufficient reasoning and evidence for your points or don’t bother, because I can guarantee that Tyler and the staff team has significantly more data to know whether the system is working effectively or not. You’re pretty much wasting your time trying to tread water here, Divyansh.

Honestly, everyone here complains about problems with the new system, but everyone fails to provide a reasonable, viable solution with good reason and practicality. The purpose of a problem is to find a solution. If you have a problem, you find a solution. None of the people in these threads have, and to be completely honest, it’s getting old.


I like to look at it as not a problem, just a new way of going about things (just like this topic suggests). Of course it’s harder to plan long hauls and that is a hard thing to change. Some people will like the new system, others not. Too bad to see people think IF is doomed due to the way airports are opened by IFATC. I fly my normal routes and this isn’t a huge problem for me.

Of course, we appreciate feedback and I’m pretty sure all feedback is taken in and hopefully adopted soon.

Maybe a good idea would be to make it compulsory that a controller posts details on the appropriate region tracking threads. So many times I have seen nothing on any tracking threads yet go to do a flight and there’s ATC in a few different regions, making it impossible to know where and when they’ll be active, and also for how long they’ll be active.

I mean personally, I think the solution would be maybe a hybrid of the old and new system. Do back and forth between old and new. For example: Monday: Old; Tuesday: New; Wednesday: Old; Thursday: New; Friday: FNF; Saturday: Old; Sunday: New; if they wanted they could even implement other styles in the week.

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No no no, I hate this new system, there are only 2 airports open on expert most of of the time compared to the old way of doing things where there was 4-6 airports open and there would actually be other pilots taxing around and flying in/out of them! This new system is horrible and even though they say we will adjust, I don’t see how if there are more airports open on training. That’s sad.