Expert Server Rules

Hi! I reached Grade 3 and would like to know the Expert Server Rules!! Thanks!

Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes

Check this out


That’s a lot of rules, oh well. Better experiences at least.

Really biggest rule is listen to ATC. You do that and life is golden. We don’t just ghost for no reason


The main and most important rule is to always always always listen to ATC, even if they give you a command that you may not agree with, you follow it. ATC knows what they’re doing. And by the way, congrats on Grade 3!


Another big one is maintain separation. You may be ghosted without warning if you interfere with other aircraft.
Always maintain 1000ft vertically or 5NM away horizontally.

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Congrats and thanks for asking a great question.
Rules on Expert are not too far off normal aviation rules.

The main one is: follow instructions, understand what a pattern is, be kind, keep safe distance from other pilots, don’t be afraid to give way, taxi at normal speeds (15 - 25 kts).

When inbound, always check ATIS before you contact any other controller. You can check ATIS from approx 80 NM out. Don’t switch back to ATIS after that.

Here are some tutorials to things that many new pilots don’t seem to know:

Transition. When you need to fly through a controller airspace, you need to request a transition. See more here.

When you’re inbound to an airport and you contact Approach, think about what approach type you want to pick.

Some airports you need to back-taxi to the start of the runway. Here’s info.

After landing, you may be instructed to exit the runway and cross the parallel runway to exit to the platform. Here’s the tutorial.

When you’re on final and you or Tower sees you can’t land safely, a go-around is needed. See here.


@ArthurFlys. MaxSez. Well Arthur take a shot at the Tutorials/UTube IF Video’s and some of the comments here like @azeeuwnl a duty expert. Their are 2 unwritten rule I like you to follow on the Exp;

1)The “Pilot in Command” (PIC) is the Decision Maker!

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Welcome to the Expert Server. I’ll also recommend you to please, please use Unicom when there is no active frequencies. I flew LSZH-EPKK-LSZH earlier on expert and at both airfields there were multiple aircraft landing and doing touch and goes without any calls whatsoever.

Do not contact an approach frequency until at or below 18,000 and 50nm out.

Make sure that you keep proper separation with other aircrafts

An easy way to put it: if you fly on the Expert Server, you should act as if there is Live ATC everywhere at all times.

I fly in many “under the radar” airports that rarely (or never) have Live ATC, and I still find pilots flying unprofessionally very often, presumably because they assume no ATC means no rules. This is very annoying for me and many others who strive for realism (and it also makes me wonder why they can’t just stay in the Training Server if using Unicom to announce what they are doing is so hard)

Moral of the story: Unicom is there for a reason, so I’m case there is confusion please take time to learn how to use it, and then use it properly every time you fly

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