Expert server rules changed again?

Ok not sure what’s happening but have they now changed the ghosting limit from 25 to 5?

I’ve got less than 25 idk how this makes sense

Hmm. Let me go check the other post again.

It is still 25 on the other post. Try restarting your app.

Having the same issue

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I’m trying to restart it hold on

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Didn’t work for me unfortunately


There has been no notice of a change from the current 25 limit. It’s probably a bug.

If your having this too then odds are that it has something to do with the staff.

Is there anyone that can confirm this is the same?

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Both of you try re-installing. If that doesn’t work, we will have to wait for a moderator or staff member to notice this.

It’s the server not the app.

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There was a server update minutes ago according to Laura. Please be patient, there should be an official announcement very shortly.

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Okay thanks for the info

Just sit tight or go fly on Casual for the time being. The devs monitor and optimize the servers occasionally.

I can wait but thanks anyway 👍🏾