Expert Server Rule Outline

So I have recently gotten Grade 3 on my infinite flight, I am excited for it, and was wanting to try the Expert Server, but I have seen many responses to other unrelated threads about ghostings, somewhat related to a rule. Are there set rules for the Expert Server? Or is it just going on ATC commands. I was just wanting to see before trying the Expert Server

You get ghosted if you don’t follow ATC; how to survive Expert in a nutshell


Just follow basic server rules/etiquette, and listen to ATC, and you’re all set!


You just have to follow ATC instructions


It has the same violations as TS1, so if you are good with those, you will be good on expert. As long as you can follow ATC instructions you should be good to go :)
I suggest you check some of our #tutorials before doing a flight, and if you want help to make sure you are expert ready, you can PM me any questions, I would be more than happy to help you out :)


Thanks for this! Will check it out now! Any specific tutorial threads I should check out?

Hi Shaydox, I reccomend you check out the “Flight” Section in #tutorials by our Pilot Community Manager Mark Denton, he will teach you all basic instructions and guides to expert server flying :)

Also, there are community members that have made tutorials on “Global Flight” like flight planning, fuel management, how to use third party applications for your flight such as simbreif, I reccomend you check those out as well as it could really help you with the latest and greatest release of Infinite Flight, Hope to see you in the expert server sky’s, warm regards, 305…


Thank you so much for this!

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Pleasure to help! If you need anything or have any inquarys) please feel free to check out my profile and send me a PM and I would be glad to help you with anything, have a great day, warm regards, 305…

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Training server is called training server for a reason :)- and as you can see you have completed you’re training :)

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Hey! Congrats on getting Grade 3 ^_^ Also thank you for taking the time to ask, many have provided great tips to surviving expert server but ATC isn’t the only thing. Of course, ghosting is enforced if you do not follow instructions or act as a nuisance in the server, seeing as you asked, I can assume you arn’t this kind of person =)

Rules are generally to, act in an expert manner but within the limits of infinite flight. But mostly, I’d see it as etiquette.

Controllers will give a fair amount of warning before ghosting so be sure to keep a look out to the message and not wait on the voice to catch up. ATC commands are all pretty basic so knowing how to follow the instruction and utilize them will make the experience best for you and everyone else around you. Flying left pattern when ATC gives you right pattern will get yourself a warning, be sure to take corrective actions if it is a genuine mistake.

Causing disruption to other traffic is most frowned upon, if you disliked people disrupting flights in TS, then expert is definitely a no go.

Spacing and sequencing on your own may be necessary when ATC is too busy or isnt active. Do not race to the runway, fly 1 mile behind traffic on final and expect others to go around for you (if they are cleared or generally first in line when announced on unicom).

When ATC is active and even if you are in a non-movement area, due to the limitations of IF, you have to contact ground for clearance to taxi around. I know thats not the case in real world but as mentioned above, there are limitations. I think someone in the past argued that non-movement areas should not be controlled by ground and was really adamant about it despite IF’s limitations.

If you want to be prepared, spawn in at an active and busy airport in expert and watch how ATC and pilots interact, in your mind run through how you would perform the task while you listen in on others. When you are ready, take your first flight, its really fun when the region is packed.

TL;DR fly like a professional while keeping in mind the limitations of IF. 100% is not always possible, but perform the next best possible.


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