Expert Server reverse operations?

I’m just about to begin my descent in to San Diego (where I live), and I realized that the IFATC are doing reverse operations. (RW 09 active)

In real life, the airport is not doing reverse operations, so I was wondering why this would be different in the expert server?

Well that’s backwards, but exactly we do what we want with the runways. We don’t follow what they are doing in real life.


Adding onto what Brandon said, IFATC, or really any ATC in general, will not operate on a closed runway.

That’s not what he said. Pretty straight forward, we do what we want; a lot of different factors are taken into consideration. Ignore colors, follow ATC.

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@Brandon_Sandstrom @Delta_Alpha_Lima
I’m well aware of that, I’m saying that on IF, operations are reversed (09 open 27 closed) whereas right now IRL, the airport is not doing reverse operations. (27 open and 09 closed)

IFATC operates off the weather in the simulator. The weather in the simulator is based off an hourly METAR report from that specific airport. Remember what was said above, IFATC does not usually follow what is done in real life.

Ok first of all runways are never closed, there are less favorable runways, but Red doesn’t mean closed. Secondly in real life they don’t open and close throughout the day.


This is our current weather information. 5 kts is nothing, so either end may be used. In real life they have probably been using 27 all day.

Hope that sums it up for you.


I have seen this at KPIT with the red/green colors on the runways. I would assume this is because the real airport would have a hard time reversing operations, while when an ATC controller in IF starts they can decide from the get go. As was already mentioned the wind is very low, so it may not be worth the complications to reverse at the IRL airport…

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