Expert Server Requirments

There are apparently some things in a ToS or whatever that need to be easy to see, and all caps seems to be the conventional way to do it.

There is two objection I have for this:

  1. you can get perma banned on IFC but not in IF.
  2. you can have two IF accounts but not two IFC accounts.

I don’t know about this. I think the IF team have more than enough resources to find the troll and enforce the Expert Server rules. If you have evidence of course. You also need to take into consideration that not all the people who play on IF don’t want to join the IFC. They just want to fly professionally.

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Troll is a very subjective term. Some may argue that a pilot who taxis through it a troll while others consider more serious actions a troll. If you have a question about an individual please contact @moderators with your replay and we can take a look. Please note that in a large multi-player environment such as ours things happen and not every incident will warrant action taken.