Expert Server Requirements

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I want to know how do I become expert server. I have 107 flight hours and have 66690 xp. I really want to became expert. Can somebody help me?

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You have to be Grade 3 to enter Expert server also there is a chart in IF we’re it tells you the qualifications that you need


Grade 3 or above. If you are grade two, you should be able to see the next grade requirements.


You have to make grade 3 then you can use expert


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Check the requirements for grade 3. Once you achieve the requirements, you will be able to fly on the expert server


yes, but how do I become 3?

Take a look at the tutorial below on how to read the grade table. This will assist you.


Read the grade table. It has all the requirements needed to become grade 3.

Be active, don’t receive violations, and do landings. You will get there in no time.


Meat the grade 3 requirements the same as you hade to do to get to grade 2 form grade 1
The grade table shows at the end of each flight

Welcome to IFC! Feel free to ask questions. Anyway, it may be violations.

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One simply cannot be expert server.

Yep grade three or above, Welcome to the community!

You become Expert Server by learning to code…

You have to be grade 3, all the things you’ll need to achieve in the grade table, you access this by pressing

Top right/your username > next to your grade, the ‘i’. > All these need to be green.

hello, what is violations?

Take a look at this thread. It may answer a number of your questions, including violations.

If you overspeed, or I believe ATC can also give them.

ATC gives reports, not violations. Violations are received automatically for breaking certain rules (i.e. going above 250 knots under 10,000).


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