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I’m a Grade 1 with 22 landings. That means I’m going to be a Grade 2 soon! Because I’m not a Grade 2 yet, my phone doesn’t show the Grade 3 Requirements. I was just wondering what the grade 3 requirements are for everyone who is a Grade 2 or up.

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You will have to have a minimum violations/landing ratio of 0.50


And once you have made it to grade 2 you will see the stuff but make sure you read it carefully because I don’t want you to get bumped down like I did when I made it to grade 3 so try not to make any mistakes


The Grade 3 Requirements are:

10 hours of flight time total
50 landings total
40,000 xp
0 Reports within the last 24 hours
0 Reports within the last 7 days
5 Reports maximum within 1 year
15 Reports maximum within 2 years
2 Violations maximum within 24 hours
3 Violations maxumum within 7 days
I hour of flight time within 90 days
5 landings within 90 days
And 0.5 Violations/Landings Ratio :)


Here’s an easier way to see it.


TIP: Just know when you have made it to the expert server, know the in and outs, etiquette, ATC instructions, etc.! Watch turioal videos, read turioal posts cause the expert is NOT for rookies. Learn how everything goes before you fly on there! DO NOT TRY TO LEARN when you make it to the expert server… you should already know!


Indeed expert is not training or casual you cannot do as you please you must fly professionally and must listen to ATC and the Unicom. I recommend everyone before joining expert server check the tutorials

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Good info already provided.
For future reference, here’s info for all the Grades in IF.


How did you get that nice tabel?

Tap on your username in the top right and then click on the ‘I’ symbol next to your grade.

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I know that but I don’t get such a tabel

How do you have 0 violations you are a perfect flyer my man

That’s how the old grade table used to be before the update.

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Has not spent much time flying

Probably all flying was done on casual.

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