Expert Server Requirement Request: All Time Landing to Violation Ratio Rather then a 12 Month Landing to Violation Ratio

Currently, one of the requirements to access the expert server is the following. Your total number of violations in the last 12 months must be at least 50% less than the number of total landings.

You may click on someone’s stats and see they have 4200 violations and 3500 landings with 5000 flights all time (which I’ve seen) but can still access the expert server. That’s a joke.

Currently the expert server for me as a controller and pilot is at the same quality as the training server, but there is ghosting within the day’s region. It’s slowly degraded to what it is today and I grew tired of putting up with it, looked for a solution and tracked the landing to violation ratio stat as I felt it was the problem. I would screenshot and make mental notes as to who I sent check help pages and please follow instructions commands to.

I’ve found after many months of controlling that most if not all of the “troublemakers” have a terrible all time landing to violation ratio and all the good pilots had a good landing to violation ratio.

I propose the requirement to access the expert server be an all time landing to violation ratio of 50% rather then a 12 month landing to violation ratio of 50%. You’d see a tremendous improvement with little affect on the volume of traffic. There’s just enough of them to ruin everyone’s experience and make IFATC’s life beyond a nightmare.

What’s your thoughts and do you agree?


I agree with you it needs to change. I’ve seen people on expert with over 1000 violations. Now I’m not perfect in anyway but if you haven’t learnt how not to get violations after getting a thousand are you ever going to learn? There should be a better way.


And like any other requirement for Grade or Server you’d simply land some more or do some touch and goes. I do agree it’s a good indication of how much you care and want to learn from mistakes. :)


As you’ve called me out on a stupid mistake in the past - I’ve corrected myself and learned from it, but I completely agree. Some people with those ridiculous amount of violations are making the Expert Server, as you said, more like the training surver.


Yeah it is a good indication. I have about 80 but most were from when I first started but now I’ve learnt how not to get them and it’s fun learning.
If people want to mess around there is solo. I think Expert needs tightening up somehow and maybe if those with thousands of violations actually have a change of heart and want to learn maybe there could be a test and probationary period on expert to prove themselves


I standby what I said almost a year ago 🤷🏼‍♂️


Not going to say where they just took off from, but as I type this someone with 625 violations and 372 landings (yes, you read that correct) has a one waypoint FPL to another airport very far away. I’ve seen some with as much as 2200 violations, 1400 landings and 2500 flights. 🙃

Just pay attention to who is acting poorly and acting correctly in the airspace, and you’ll see the correlation rather quickly.


You have reason but change this topic in feature

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Airport security. It’s been getting tighter and tighter since Aviation was first introduced to the world. Why? Because people want to exploit it. Now, instead of being able to walk right to your gate, you have to wait through an hour of security. But it has had no proven effect. Terrorists still get through the system regardless of what we try to do.

Inexperienced people and trolls are always going to seep through the cracks. No matter what changes we make, that’s the way it is. After the requirement changes late last year, I was unable to fly on expert for over 6 months because of violations I received months ago. Since then, they have expired, and I’ve gotten my ratio much lower. After getting back to Expert, I loved it. The ATC are so helpful and the pilots are always being respectful… until these words appear:

XXXX Tower is closed, good day!

All hell breaks loose.

So what am I trying to say?

Making it harder to get into expert obviously hasn’t blocked out the people with zero experience. In fact, I, who spent over 6 months on TS1, am probably more experienced than a lot of those players that were on expert during that time. It made it harder for the people who actually want to play, and it had almost no effect on people who don’t. Just my $0.02.


That was for ghosts, totally different thing. They’d simply land more, it’s really difficult to have above a 50% landing to violation ratio and I wouldn’t consider those users to be serious who have higher then 50% landings to violations all time. :)

Do you mean the requirement changes?🤔 those also included the landing/violation ratio. It didn’t exist until then.

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You’d have to link to the announcement for me to understand, it wouldn’t change my mind though.

I have checked your landing to violations before while controlling, you’re well in the clear from my memory.

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I always get a cringey effect when I see a pilot with 45hrs total time, 250 landings, 124 violations and at the same time is flying on the Expert Server without any regard for basic Unicom etiquette etc. I think this is a very good proposal as it will reflect on the user’s entire history thereby reducing the number of incidents that have been popping up regarding the Expert Server lately.

I also think the ghosting requirements should be stricter and more enfofced eg 3 ghosts max for 1 year encouraging professionalism.

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That won’t work, they can just fly at uncontrolled airports.

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I like the direction you are going towards, but this is a bit harsh. Many people accumulate violations early on when they are learning to fly. For example with your rule in place, I wouldn’t have access to the expert server, although I know how to fly professionally. Perhaps it he 12 months cab turn into 24 month.

Just land more, like I said. Super difficult to achieve an all time 50% landing to violation ratio.

I’ve checked a lot of stats pages over the past few months, it’s not that common enough to effect that many people but just enough to make for a terrible experience when they are in your airspace with you.

I’d love to hear from anyone that has a 50% landing to violation ratio all time. That info would not be available on your grade table, only in-app via a third party or on LiveFlight.

Perfectly said. That’s all I have to say.

They forgot to add on: XXXX Tower is closed, server will now be converted to training, good day!


Great topic Trio. I totally agree.