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Hi Team, i know that there was hundreds of e-mails on this issue but can you please clear this issue up for me how long i need to wait for using the Expert server again?

My status was changed when you announced this rule saying that i had 15 reports… so i can’t use the expert server since then… To be honest there were some time definetely when I disobeyed the rules (e.g.higher speed on the taxiway) but since this announcement i’ve had lots of flights when i focused on everything hoping that the number of reports will be reduced or my status shall be “promoted” again to the expert server but nothing has happened.

Therefore, i asked from you how or when i can use the expert server again?

Your kind answer would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Norbert Laczó

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Depending on when your ghostings took place, they will fall off after 365 days. So if you had a report on Jan 20 2016, it should fall off tomorrow.

Hope this helps. Look over the post

If you had a total of 15 all-time ghosts, you are permanently banned from the expert server.

He already saw that post. He was asking a question about it.

@Chris_S just confirm the ghostings drop off?

@BigBert10 is saying otherwise…

@Tyler_Shelton stated it here.

I thought the 5 ghostings fall off after a year.

If you have 5 or more ghostings, you would have to wait for one year, or another 365 days, in order to be on the expert server again. After a year, you may reaccess the expert server, but the ghosts stay on your record.

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5 or more in a rolling 365 day period I believe. So, one or more may roll off before the year is out in that case. [15 is a different story, obviously.]

The original post stated…

  • Pilots may have no more than 5 ghosts in the last 365 days.

  • Pilots may have no more than 15 all-time ghosts.
    Pilots with more than 15 all-time ghosts will be permanently restricted from the Expert Server.

You have 6 ghosts in 365 days with a total of 7 lifetime ghosts:

  • You are not allowed on expert until your oldest ghost “falls off”.

You have 16 total ghosts. Regardless of time.

  • You are banned from expert forever or until FDS changes the rules.

You have 15 total ghosts.

  • It depends on when the ghosts were. You will be banned from expert until a number of ghosts falls off to get you under the limit.

The magic number is 15. If you are over 15 you are banned forever. If you are 15 and under you have to do math and look at when ghostings occurred.


Hi all, thanks for your comments.

Ref to Chris S’s comment i can say that it’s clear but i don’t know wheter
I have 15 or more reports…
Can somebody check this for me? my code is N90LJ

However, i consider this rule a bit strange… why I should be banned
forever from expert server??? I pay for this game to play with other
“experts” and not for the training server only… why don’t you set a rule
for a 1 or 2 month of banned period? or maybe there would be 3 times to pay
e.g 5 EUR in order to be back in the expert server and, after the 3rd time
if somebody disobey the rule can be banned fropm the expert server forever…

Anyway paying for this would be benefiicial for you, I think.

I look forward to hearing from you.



You said it right here.

So yes you have 15 ghosts a report is a ghost. You are permanently banned from the Expert Server.

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That’s the thing. If you haven’t figured out that you’re doing something wrong after no less than 15 ghosts, there’s not a big chance you ever will. As you said, Expert Server are for people who knows what they’re doing. Simple as that.


If you have crossed 15 all time ghosts it’s better to just create a new account when your current subscription expires instead of renewing it on this if you think you need to fly on Expert Server and have a good knowledge of the rules implemented there imo.

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No, the point isn’t to keep accounts that don’t know how to fly from accessing the server, it’s to keep the pilots who can’t figure it out from Expert. This will be the same pilot who had 14 tries to figure it out and couldn’t.

What part of that says “I belong on the Expert Server.”

If you have 15 ghosts, you’re not an expert, if that word is to hold any meaning at all.

Also, I’ve said this before, but your subscription is for access to the FDS live servers, not Expert specifically. If someone clearly has no idea what they’re doing, they haven’t earned the privilege of access to the Expert Server. That’s not violating their subscription. They still have access to the live servers. Just not the one for people who know what they’re doing. When you first buy a live subscription, you have to start out on TS. There have always been restrictions for accessing the Expert server. [And if the complaint is "I have to fly with TS people: well, if you’ve been ghosted more than 15 times, you are that TS person to everyone else on Expert.]

When Global came out, there was thread after thread about changing the requirements. The only problem was that everyone thinks the definition of Expert is “has done a lot of touch and goes on Unicom.” As soon as it actually became about ability instead of time spent flying, all those clamoring for changes got angry. Except the changes which were enacted actually have some bearing on ability, instead of some arbitrary time spent or landings, so all of the sudden they didn’t like them. [And, no, you cannot be ‘accidentally’ ghosted 15 times. That is a trend, not a one-time misunderstanding. If the pilot chose to ignore it and continue to do the same things repeatedly, that’s not FDS’s problem. “Rules will be strictly enforced” is a pretty simple sentence.]

There are people who have more than 50 ghosts. By no means should they simply be able to create a second account and act like their ineptitude has been washed away. It will be the same pilot. The same pilot who doesn’t follow instructions. The same pilot who gets six violations every flight. The same pilot who after ghost, say 10, didn’t say to themselves “maybe I’m doing something wrong here” and kept at it. Why does that make someone an Expert? Because they’ve been around a long time?

I’ve seen every type of pilot there is to see. I’ve seen pilots with 42000 XP PM me questions about how they can improve, even when they weren’t ghosted, because they want to learn, and the next flight they’ve corrected. Then I’ve seen Grade 5s with half a million XP who still announce remaining in the pattern for every takeoff. Grades don’t mean a thing.

But being reported 25 times? That means a lot. That may a well be a neon sign screaming “I will never adjust or learn, please keep me away from even synonyms of the word ‘Expert’.”


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