Expert Server Requirement Changes


  1. A pilot’s violation count may be no greater than 50% of their landing count.
    Example: You may have no more than 50 violations if you have 100 landings.

  2. Pilots may have no more than 5 ghosts in the last 365 days.

  3. Pilots may have no more than 15 all-time ghosts.
    Pilots with more than 15 all-time ghosts will be permanently restricted from the Expert Server.

Following a great deal of data analysis from yesterday’s changes, your feedback, and internal discussion we have made another tweak to increase the restriction while making it time-based. The ghosting numbers only factor ATC ghosts, not system ghosts. Your ghosts and violations can be checked using The addition of the 5 ghosts in 365 day restriction gives opportunities to those that improve to return to the Expert Server while permanently restricting those with 15 ghosts or more who have made no attempt to improve.


Violation Rules

Ghosting Rules

Controllers are required to be familiar with the provisions of this order that pertain to their operational responsibilities and to exercise their best judgment if they encounter situations that are not covered by it. All ghost will be first prefaced with a warning. “Please follow instructions”, On Guard messages or any other situation warnings/instructions shall be issued prior to ghosting.

Result of ghosting: 7 day Expert Server Restriction

Note: Controllers will avoid ghosting for actions that are already punishable by violation, such as aerobatics and high speed taxiing.

There are few examples that can result in ghosting without warning, these are:
Insulting call signs/usernames with profanity, discriminating/racist terms, or blatantly offensive material.

Note: Discretion will be used when dealing with any air crash related call signs. It is unknown whether the intended use is to offend or pay respects.


  • Not following the issued sequence
  • Lining up on the runway for takeoff/landing
  • Landing/taking off from grass or taxiway
  • Pilots who do not respond to instruction after 2-3 attempts
  • Pilots sending many duplicate messages in a short period of time
  • Takeoff/landing without clearance
  • Crashing into or taxiing through other aircraft
  • Spamming frequency
  • Offensive call signs/usernames
  • Repeated disruption after multiple ghosting

All ghostings are tracked and recorded.

How not to be ghosted on the Expert server
  • Request for Pushback/Taxi before actually moving.
  • If the controller sends you a “please stay on my frequency” command, do not switch frequencies.
  • Taxi under 35 kts ground speed.
  • Don’t taxi through other aircraft and/or racing to the runway.
  • If the aircraft in front of you disappears, give it a chance to reappear before you take their spot.
  • Don’t taxi through grass or teminals.
  • Do not use annoying call signs such as 8888888888, 123456789012, or anything similar. It simply clogs up the frequency as it takes 20 seconds to read the name.
  • If you have to ask if a callsign is offensive, it probably is and you should not risk it.
  • Don’t enter the runway without permission.
  • Don’t take off without permission.
  • Do not send the same command over and over and over. You are spamming the frequency. (Yes there are legitimate connection issues where the controller cannot hear you and those will be handled on a case by case basis)
  • There are cases where the controller will ghost you if you are “unknown” and interfere with others. The controllers are aware of the situation and will get it reversed in most cases.
  • Do not cut in line while on approach to the airport. If you are given #5, do not turn base and cut someone off.
  • If you are given a go around command, do not land. Go around.
  • If approach tells you to turn to a certain heading, turn to that heading. Don’t turn a different way thinking that you are going to take a short cut. Approach has a plan, follow it.
  • If you are in an aircraft that is too large for the airport, do not try to land.
  • If you are at an uncontrolled airport, follow the flow. Don’t land on a runway into traffic. Moderators do fly around and look for these situations.

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