Expert Server Requirement Changes

The Expert Server is an online environment intended for serious users who understand all rules, procedures, and interactions with ATC. As of late the Expert Server has become increasingly chaotic with disruptive pilots who show no regard for other users. In an effort to improve the quality of the Expert Server environment the following changes will be implemented:

  1. A pilot’s violation count may be no greater than 50% of their landing count.
    Example: You may have no more than 50 violations if you have 100 landings.

  2. Pilots may not have 5 or more ghosts in the last 365 days.

  3. Pilots may not have 15 or more ghosts in the last two years.
    Pilots with 15 ghosts or more will be restricted from the Expert Server until there are no longer 15 ghosts in in the last two years.

System ghosts are not included. Violations and Ghosts can be checked using

Each of the above conditions will result in a message advising of your restricted access to the Expert Server.

Violation Rules

Ghosting Rules

Controllers are required to be familiar with the provisions of this order that pertain to their operational responsibilities and to exercise their best judgment if they encounter situations that are not covered by it. All ghost will be first prefaced with a warning. “Please follow instructions”, On Guard messages or any other situation warnings/instructions shall be issued prior to ghosting.

Result of ghosting: 7 day Expert Server Restriction

Note: Controllers will avoid ghosting for actions that are already punishable by violation, such as aerobatics and high speed taxiing.

There are few examples that can result in ghosting without warning, these are:
Insulting call signs/usernames with profanity, discriminating/racist terms, or blatantly offensive material.

Note: Discretion will be used when dealing with any air crash related call signs. It is unknown whether the intended use is to offend or pay respects.


  • Not following the issued sequence
  • Lining up on the runway for takeoff/landing without permission
  • Landing/taking off from grass or taxiway
  • Pilots who do not respond to instruction after 2-3 attempts
  • Pilots sending many duplicate messages in a short period of time
  • Takeoff/landing without clearance
  • Crashing into or taxiing through other aircraft
  • Spamming frequency
  • Offensive call signs/usernames
  • Repeated disruption after multiple ghosting
  • Taxiing through other planes/terminals/gates
  • Interferring with others (case by case basis)

All ghostings are tracked and recorded.

These changes will be monitored over the coming days, weeks, and months. The Expert Server requirements will continue to increase until the appropriate environment is achieved, ensuring a positive experience for those who wish to have a realistic simulator experience. Thank you all!

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Can think of a few already who we can finally say bye bye to for good. Awesome change!


That’s going to clear the server up. And I don’t think it’s going to be empty I mean look at a few minutes ago!

Even if five of them are banned it’s still very busy…


Great change! Will make things much keep professional:)


this could Not come soon enough. Thank You !!


This is some much needed changes that will be disappointing to some and happy for others.


Tom, guess it’s TS1 for you now? Mhewwhehhee


I can access Expert since that makes your life better.

Ghosts means ATC ghosts only or ATC + System Ghosts?


Great changes.

For educational purposes only.

You can always create a new account and do 50 landings and reach Expert Server.


So… all of us that don’t meet requirements are “grounded” to TS1?


I couldn’t agree more with this decision. Glad to see some action and changes made towards those who choose to disobey the rules and controllers alike. Positive step in the right direction.


Says the one who cant access it anymore xD


Looks like I’ll never be on expert again.

I have improved as a pilot so much and haven’t been ghosted for ages but now I won’t be able to get on it. I follow all instructions given and do not do anything wrong so.


Seams like that.

Not my situation, but if someone used to be immature and got ghosted a lot, is there a way he can do something to come back to expert?


@Tyler_Shelton is this current Ghosts, or any new ones ?


Current ghosts. Thanks!


I especially like the new ghosting changes. I think that will help a lot. Thanks you!

The day has finally come! Quite happy to see these new changes! Can’t wait to go out there and fly without trolls spamming “Heathrow Unicom is using runway 27L, left traffic” over and over!


Thank goodness I haven’t been ghosted yet