Expert Server: Reported for no reason!

I’m writing to inform the community that I was reported by an ATC controller (Trio) for not following instructions. I was relatively new to expert server especially following the approach. I was following the approach correctly and I got reported for no good reason. I may have been a bit slow but I still followed the instructions at a reasonable pace, I don’t deserve to be reported for this!

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Hello @Luke_L!

Please PM @Trio to discuss your report.

Also take a look through the topic linked below as that will help you to understand what to do in the event that you are reported:

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Hey Mate. It’s best to do what @Declan_O said. And also for next time, if you have an issue with a ATC controller, send them a pm without making a topic complaining about it. And remember when you PM the controller, be respectful, after all they are put under the pump with a lot of people in the airspace.

Have a good day mate 👍


Hi @Mavic thanks for the comment,
Luke :)

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Well it was mainly @Declan_O 😉 but your welcome 👍

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Thanks @Declan_O :)

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No problem, glad I could help! Have a great day mate!