Expert server report

Earlier today I was trying to play on the expert server but I was reported ( What I think) unnecessary reasons Because I requested takeoff but I accidentally hit departing straight out but I meant to say departing east so I said disregard last message and then then corrected myself and I personally don’t think I should have been reported for. I was reported for spamming the frequency
My display name is KWAS
My Callsign was: N305ZZ
The Controller was: AFKKM IPP Manav Suri
Happened 12/11/19

What did ATIS say?

Some of this happened to me to

Please contact the controller. @Manav_Suri is your man. Also was ATIS prohibiting straight out departures?

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Check on your logbook who reported you and get in contact with the Controller. easiest way to solte this case

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Also if it was straight out departures only and you werent following that, thats would be a possible reason for your ghost

Hi everyone! The controller (@Manav_Suri) has been notified and will PM the pilot. They are the only one who can give clarity about what happened and why they gave a report.

If you are not the controller or pilot, please do not comment on this post. Speculation about what happened will only lead to confusion.