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Ok I feel like this needed to be said. Since a lot of us are at home we have more time to fly and hence we can all get to expert server very quickly. However, we need to still keep the same rules and act accordingly in expert server just like we would in any other airport in real life. I’ve been seeing way too many pilots being amateurs in the expert server and it is ruining the realism of the game. Just recently I had a pilot clip my wing as he/she was pushing back and managed to swerve through the taxiway cutting people in line. Obviously I will not call them out but I have a screenshot

What I was suggesting was to have some sort of quiz before entering into Expert Server. This is just so pilots understand the realism of the simulation and how we should treat everyone in the same way as we would in real life.

The quiz would go as follows:

  1. 15 question multiple choice on basic understanding of how to fly (i.e taxi, takeoff, etc.). Some questions here would give you common scenarios so you know what to do in a certain situation.

  2. Next, you would have to watch videos and answer questions (if anyone has suggestions for this feel free to let me know).

  3. Then, for your first flight you are monitored by the IFATC, as your icon would show that you are a beginner in the expert server. They would keep a close watch on you until you reach a certain amount of requirements.

I truly believe this can change the way expert server runs in the future. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment.

I don’t believe that anyone should need to be monitored for a flight. Sure a lot of people have gained access to Expert but people may feel a lot of pressure from that and mess up. If they mess up because they know they are being observed how is that fair to them?


Hmm… it’s a good idea.

However, in implementation, many things can go wrong. People might copy off answers from the IFC possibly.


IFATC members aren’t so free…

This sounds like a great idea but that would create a bigger workload for developers and IFATC combined. We aren’t here to babysit pilots.

There are just a lot of people on the server and some things can get out of hand. I honestly don’t think a quiz is going to stop that.

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IFATC don’t have that much time lol, there are lot’s of people

IFATC don’t have the time to devote attention to specific pilots and keep an eye throughout; there’s also no way of guaranteeing a pilot will act unprofessionally after their monitoring period is up. While I get your intentions, the implementation of this may not be the most effective in my opinion

I believe there is something in works to resolve this issue as there are many topics similar to this that have been created and been closed🙂

Also, about watching videos, do you think people would go to the trouble for buying a game for $5, then buying a subscription for $15, get about 50 landings, & then go through watching videos just to play “what they might think” as a game? I know it’s not a game, but there are many who think otherwise.


Maybe there could be a special group set up for this task of monitoring new pilots

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You guys do need to understand that not everyone here is a real world pilot or plan to be one. Coming from me, it is stressful as is with all the realism police. If they aren’t causing danger to anyone, what does it matter?

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Here’s a good response from Misha confirming they’ve acknowledged the fact that the expert server has some noticeable flaws. This topic he responded on was on stricter expert server rules which ultimately falls under having more professional pilots like taking a test to enter the sever in the end. They’ve noticed this and will adjust accordingly making changes if needed.

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No it’s the fact that they do stupid things and can still do stupid things and not get punished for it even at controlled airports. I don’t think it’s meant to be so realistic to the point where you have to know SIDS and STARS and basic common sense so others don’t have a bad experience would be nice

I can see where you are coming from. I’m sure the developers have a great plan in store to make everyone happy. The airport maps will make it easier for IFATC to control ground and avoid any mishap since we will be able to see the available taxiways

I agree with step one. The other two are a little over the top in my opinion.

I agree with @anon38496261

It’s not even that if someone is around you act reasonably mature. Don’t come up and land right behind them as soon as they touchdown, don’t pull onto the runway when they are 100’ from the runway, don’t cut in front of someone in line when waiting for takeoff, etc. and follow directions

And if you do anything stupid while in controlled airspace you get ghosted. Period. I have had multiple incidences where it wasn’t that busy someone does something stupid and they never got ghosted.

I can understand your frustration. With the current map, it is sometimes hard to gage who has the right of way for the takeoff line and our tower can won’t show those aircraft. This should be remedied in the update though.

Also, ghosting is used as a last resort. We try not to just ghost pilots because they caused a minor inconvenience to someone else. If we can warn them, we will try to do that to steer them into the right direction.

Changes to the expert server requirements are in the works, you can read about them below.

Implementing a test would take a massive amount of time — people need to administer and grade the exams, provide feedback, etc. maybe the developers will find a way to streamline that one day, but let’s look forward to the above changes for now.