Expert server questions, transitioning

‘Evening. New Grade 3 user here. Yay me! Anyway, I just read up on stuff like other people’s tips and posts about the expert server. I just have like a few questions.

So let’s say you’re on approach into a busy hub, and you’re issued a holding pattern. Does the pattern show up on your map, and do you have to manually follow it, or does LNAV cover it?

When you’re told to report airport in sight, you usually see it at about 12 NM. And so, how do you know how close you are to the airport? Do you just use the DIST to DEST option on the little dashboard?

Some of the posts talk about Tutorials, though it seems the tag is private was deleted. Anybody got an alternative or something?


Check out the User Guide!

Unfortunately you have to fly holding patterns manually at the moment. However I remember one of the developers saying that they did want to add LNAV support for holding patterns in the future.

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Read this guide and you should be good to go :)


The hold would appear on the map. I believe LNAV doesn’t follow it yet - you may have to follow the hold manually.

You may report airport in sight the moment you’re able to see the airport, there’s no set distance for it :). In any case if you wish to see your distance to the airport you may use the “dist. to dest.” option on the dashboard which shows your distance from the airport in regards with your flightplan.


You can turn on airplane dots/airport names in settings and it gives you a distance from the airport in question directly above the airport right under its name. But yes as soon as you see the airport you should report airport in sight distance to the airport doesn’t really matter.

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Thank you. One more thing since you’re an ATC supervisor. I always see this option when remaining in the pattern, but what is the ‘In Sequence’ option?

Thank y’all for the guide and tips! I do appreciate it.

The “in sequence” option refers to departure sequence. You may utilize this command even if you’re not #1 in line for take-off. The controller would respond with the sequence they have in mind for your departure, for example, they would inform you whether you’re #2, #3 (and so on) in sequence for departure. Departure sequence is particularly useful to know at airports in which you may attempt an intersection departure.

There was an in-depth tutorial regarding this command in the #ground-school:community-tutorials section, i’ve linked it below for your ready reference. If you have any queries after reading through, please feel free to reach out.

Hey, Welcome to expert server. Nice that you’re asking this stuff instead of start flying weird on the server 👍🏻

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Ohh, gotcha. Thank you!

Yeah! I’ve heard the expert server isn’t something to just immediately dive into. I did my research, and I’m feeling quite confident.

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I was given a holding pattern at Honolulu last week, at the end of the approach cone, in order to give space for runway crossings on the ground… I got an oval shaped purple holding indication on my mini map right at my position, which allowed me to easily fly my instructed hold. I was told to fly one “left 360”.

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Yeah, don’t forget to bring a telescope ! 😊

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