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Maybe it was the same controller

Maybe it was a misunderstanding with the controller

Yes, you can post a screenshot.


Hmm… Were you taxiing for a long time?

About 20 30 seconds

Looks like a mistake then. Unless the controller comments here otherwise.

Ok thank you

@Armani_B for future reference its easier to message the controller or a moderator to answer ATC related questions.

I was the controller, you were taxing towards 12R and bypassed the main terminal area. I didn’t know where you were headed, if you were heading to remote parking , or trying to taxi for takeoff again. There was a C-17 pushing back where you actually parked and my “ask intentions” was to find out where you were headed.

I know… “controllers should be psychic” but we have literally seen every imaginable scenario after giving instructions. Thus to answer your question it’s a spacing issue and traffic conflict issue that promoted the question.

If you have any further questions please tag me or a moderator directly.



Ok thank you it’s ok it’s just a misunderstanding

I hope this clarifies things… The Red line is the path you chose. The green line is the normal path for commercial flights going to the terminal. The Orange is the C5 you parked next to.

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Ok thank you

That’s was my first time flying there that’s why

We love you asking questions and wanting to improve. Just remember there is never a dumb question.


Thank you everyone

It’s weird, you shouln’d have asked for requesting taxi. a part from that. Human error.

He didn’t, he asked for permission to taxi to parking. Unless you’re suggesting that it’s perfectly okay to go from runway to gate without contacting ground?

My god sorry, my English crossed its words. I should have said: “you might have not requested for taxi”. Sorry, sorry, sorry. If Infinite Flight was an English lesson apps I would have been ghosted!

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Haha no problem. These things happen!

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