Expert Server Question

Hi everyone if you now I’m new to Expert Server I was taxing to the gate and I got a message from ATC saying (say intentions) what does this mean is it bad once again I’m new to Expert Server .

Thank you

Did you request taxi to parking before taxiing?

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Yes I was clear to taxi to gate

ATC told me first

If he cleared you to taxi already, then it must have been a mistake.


Ok so I’m good right

Were you in contact with ground?
Were you about to cross a runway?

If that’s not the case since you said that you were cleared to taxi to parking then it may have been a mistake as @Hamza.N stated

If you’d like to make sure that you were not in the wrong, you can PM the controller. If you can remeber their name then we can help find their IFC account for you, and if not then what airport did this occur at? :-)

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Okay, if you where cleared to taxi to parking, then I’m unsure as why IFATC would ask you to state intentions.

If you remember the name of the controller, you could send them a message here just to clarify, if it was a mistake/misclick by them.

Yes I was in contact with ground

i don’t know the name because they switched

What airport? Someone may be able to find them for you

They switched after you got cleared and before he asked intentions?

Okay, it is more than likely just a mistake from IFATC. They could of easily tapped the wrong button, as I’ve done it before as well.

If you had permission to taxi to parking and weren’t interfering with other aircraft then you’re all good.

No when I was at final

So they sent you say intentions on final?

It was at (ZHCC)

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No when I was taxiing to gate after I got cleared

Ok I looked at my replay and it was the same controller that gave me all clear and that same controller gave me that message (say intentions)

Who was the controller…?

Can I post a screenshot