Expert Server Quality

Not at all! I just meant that you just saw the chaos as you were literally in front of me

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As many posts as it takes for people to understand there’s a place for flying stupid: Casual. Now, lets all act professional. As a matter of fact, it’s not the new Grade 3’s that I’ve seen as a problem, it’s some of the more experienced pilots. Kinda Infuriating…


Ye ok. Yes there was an A380 that nearly turned right into me! Anyways I’m not gonna say much more 😀 landed safely tho 🧈

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not your fault mate, apart of the job. we all thank you for the effort you put in 🤙🏻


This is why I don’t fly in controlled airspace’s or FNFs anymore. Once ATC leaves, and there’s no moderators around, it basically becomes training server 2.0. It’s so annoying that expert sever is only realistic when ATC is in charge.


You’re preaching to the choir here. The people who have accounts on the forum generally aren’t the ones who need to hear this. It’s the users on experts that don’t have an account or haven’t yet discovered the forums.


Yea dude, the exact same thing happened to me

This picture explains it all. You could clearly see that HAAB was using 25R as a “backtaxi” runway but still there is an aircraft hurtling down 25R…


A much as I wish I could agree with you on this, I’ve seen many community members act more unprofessional than some of the stuff i’ve seen at KLAX on the TS.


Yeah, IFATC does it’s best, shame some pilots ruin it


This picture hurts to look at…

Not getting ghosted in the first place is the best way around it. The rule is in place for a good reason! Keep at it and that time will pass quickly.

@Delta07 thanks for the post and feedback! This is something we’ve made a note of in the past which resulted in many programs that include undercover server moderators, better handling of issues behind the scenes, and more.

We of course can’t have eyes everywhere at all times, but rest assured that the disruptive users will be caught in time. Don’t get too hung up on the noisy ones! From my perspective it is a very small percentage of Expert Server pilots who have total disregard for others. Thanks again for voicing concern!


Appreciate the response @Tyler_Shelton! I agree with you


I hoped that people was mature enough to fly on the expert server… before I landed myself (got lucky that a pilot didn’t go in front of me) i can’t count the amount of go-arounds on my hands it was unbelievable :(

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I’m just going to say this, since obviously we are unhappy and would like a better experience.

If you want better service, a faster, more efficient service, don’t fly to the main hub. We have controllers at other airports as well. As I type this, there are active frequencies in Rome, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Cairo, and Dar Es Salaam. There’s so much to explore, so many possibilities outside of the main hub!


I don’t really see anything wrong with the expert server. I think it is a great place.

Thats what i think until i fly to a featured airport



However, as people have said before - it is a minority who spoil it for the rest of us. However it is an issue and I’m hoping it is dealt with soon!

Just landed in Nairobi a few mins ago. ATC is well staffed( Gnd, twr, app, dep), smooth entry in. If traffic is spread out from the main airport(in this case HAAB), the burden on the ATC controllers would be greatly reduced.


That’s wered. I just became a grade 3 pilot and I have only flone on the expert server 5 times.