Expert Server Quality

I don’t understand this topic.

We went from complaining about pilots, and now we are complaining about controllers?

Let’s all remember that IFATC are 100% volunteers that devote their time to provide their services for the expert server. We aren’t professionals.

Like all of the other topics here on the forum similar to this one, the message is simple. Fly elsewhere. If you are unhappy with the ATC or pilot behavior, go elsewhere. There are thousands of airports around the world. Or even better, join IFATC. No need to publicly bash anyone. It’s rude, especially on a community forum where thousands can see what you post. Trust me, I always put 100% into what I do when controlling, and to be publicly bashed about it afterwards just hurts. It hurts.


Exactly, I said nothing about IFATC and the topic turned into that. I’m just talking about immature pilots.

I wouldn’t say “sacrifice” @Thunderbolt we love what we do :)


“Devote” is the better word for it.


I absolutely admire the work from IFATC so much that I’m gonna join myself soon! To tie it all up IFATC is doing astonishing work and we are battling with inmature pilots…

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Always a lurning experience. We all have to start somewhere.


Everyone is only worried about the pilots but some of the expert ATC is pretty terrible also

Maybe there can be a system in place where there are multiple controllers per controller type. For example, 2 IFATC members on ground, 2 on tower so ATC can handle more aircraft therefore reducing the workload and problems…

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IFATC are trained and go through multiple tests and trainings to be where they are. We are humans, and sometimes, we do make mistakes. If you’d like to have better service, join yourself. We’d love to see what you offer, and if you’d like to teach us some of your fine knowledge in the IFATC Slack, we are aways learning! The link is here if you’d like to get started!

In the meantime, if you have nothing nice to say, take your foul words elsewhere. Thanks.


This already exits

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If you have feedback in the meantime, please PM the controller. No need to shine the spotlight on them in public :)


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This is too much…

It really doesn’t bother me enough to reach out. This game isn’t my life. I didn’t call anyone out. But there have been several hiccups. I’m simply saying I see expert ATCs on here talking about bad pilots but never about ATC

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I think we can stop here…


This is getting out of control…

Toxicity. Woo.

Let’s stop it here now, shall we?

Have some tea, go outside, clear your mind up everyone, clearly engaging in this is not doing anyone justice 🙃


That is smart and like @DannyHL said, it sort of exists. Most IFATC members cannot ghost unless they are tower and there are times that 2 towers are present. But 2 towers can easily mess up newer/unexpirienced pilots so it isn’t recommended.


I’ve seen double ground and tower before.

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Thanks for the discussion, everyone! Great points to be considered by all, staff included. Always try to focus on those that are doing the right thing. You’ll find that the disruptive ones make up a very small minority of our pilots.

What you are experiencing are some growing pains with a popular mobile app.

First, in an ideal world if we had more controllers we had more eyes to police the skies. ATC constantly adds new controllers but in the same time we have controllers that stop controlling for a number of reasons. Time, life gets in the way, it could just not be for them, etc. ATC is always looking for dedicated individuals to help give order to the busy skies.

The second part gets more tricky. You have a mobile sim that gives pilots freedom and flexibility. If a 737 pilot does a barrel roll and nobody is around to see it, did it happen? The developers are constantly looking at ways to improve quality while maintaining that delicate balance between structure and freedom. In the future there may be additional violations added that perhaps looks at more elements to give pilots more encouragement to follow procedures.

The problem I personally run into when someone sends me a screen shot of someone who pulled out on the runway the opposite direction is that it is hard to tell who is exactly at fault. There could have been an established pattern that the person who emails me was ignoring but wanted to blame the other pilot. The other pilot could have been doing everything right all along. Often times we only get half the story and usually there’s some blame on both sides.

With all mobile multi-player apps there is some give and take when it comes to player behavior. All it takes is a simple youtube search and you will find the same behavior happening with other sims as well but lacking an avenue to voice their concerns so they often go unheard.

All I ask is to be patient, keep doing what you are doing by focusing on your own good behavior, let the controllers do their jobs, and the staff to continue working behind the scenes to evaluate and evolve as the system grows.