Expert Server Quality

Honestly, this is probably going to get flagged but I want to just say, what is expert server really now? It’s turned into a joke now, there is 0 courtesy, today at HAAB someone lined up on the runway when I was less than a 1 mile final, I slow down to give them time to take off and that just sit there waiting fo me to go around , and when I try to do so, I stall because of how slow I was going because I was being nice even though there is zero courtesy. Why not go around earlier, you might ask? Because it’s impossible to do an approach because few people even follow a pattern. Once there is no ATC, no one cares. @Aviation3 you were in front of me, you saw the chaos lol. But in all seriousness, I shouldn’t have to resort to flying to small hubs just to get realism. I like flying in busy airspace but I can’t because this happens. Just to clarify, I see this every day, not just today.
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I was there at HAAB, I saw it unravel.


Hey!!! This has kinda become usual these days. And even I like flying to the hubs. But you can’t do anything can you?? Unless the controller catches. Well the best advice is to fly to a non busiest hub with ATC.
Thank you


What exactly are you trying to get out of this topic? We have been over this time and time again ATC are overloaded and can only do their best!


HAAB is not the most accommodative airport, but there is no excuse of a pilot sitting on the runway for no reason. Sad that we’re having such incidents on the rise in the Expert Server. Sorry for your bad experience.


I’ve seen this around expert now too. Its really unfortunate to see this, wether there’s ATC or not, and it really ruins the experience. Sorry to see this happen to you.


I have to agree with your statement. Back in like 2017, expert server was gold. Only SERI0US Players would populate the servers.


While I do agree with you, there’s not much that can be done. A lot of it is due to the fact that so many people are stuck at home, so there are so many more people flying, especially new people. I’m hoping that once procedures are implemented that will separate the professional pilots from the ones that joke around. The best solution to this though is to join IFATC!


Trying to show to the people that might not be courteous that it is not acceptable, and they should go to training or casual if they are going to do this. And IFATC, does an amazing job! Don’t get me wrong on that, it’s some of the pilots


I applaud you for trying but unfortunately until new rules are out it is inevitable!

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i agree i am having my first flight there today!

I want to join IFATC but I gotta wait 2 months after my ghost, is there anyway around this possibly?

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What I think is that the Expert server is usually crowded maybe because of the Pandemic as most of the people are sitting at home and have nothing to do!!! Maybe it will go back to the way old Premium expert server as it was before. Let me know if I’m wrong!!!

I’m not sure actually

Rules are rules, sorry bud! You can always ask Tyler but I don’t think it’s is possible!

I’ll try to PM him

I was controlling at HAAB too and I never issued that many G/A like today. The main problem wasn’t the sequencing but the speed of the aircrafts. Almost every second aircraft approached with 200kts + and that’s impossible to control with departures. I mad some errors too and I apologise for that.


Just move on with your day. How many of these posts are going to be made


Currently trying to help this problem by joining, hope I will be able to do so

Did I do anything bad or were you just mentioning me?

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