Expert Server problems

Hey guys do you know where I can send a report for server connection problems. I was doing a short flight from Auckland to Sydney and on decent I wasn’t able to reconnect back. It happened a few minutes ago on the expert server. I was with Center frequency when the Live server decided to quit on me lol. I was scared at first because I thought that I was about to get a violation from the Center ATC but luckly that wasn’t the case. Anyways just want to know where would be appropriate to send a report to Infinite Flight so that something like this doesn’t happen again.


First I would change the topic’s category to #support to get more attention.

Then to ease the tracing of your issue would you mind sharing your personal internet status.

I’m sure someone will eventually find out what went wrong!


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Thanks for the feedback, will be taking that into consideration.

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I use moblie data.

This might also be useful

Actually this was the thread I was looking for to send my report .

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Great! Hope that helps!