Expert Server Problem

Hello! I was sitting calmly on the ground at NCRG planning my flight down to NZAA, and suddenly someone spawned in me and started taxiing through me
Can the user be reported?
Thank you!
note: I was on expert server

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Hey, Gaby!

Usually, spawning inside of others is not intentional. The best way to handle the situation is to either spawn out or taxi/push out. In this case, the user taxied out of you, which is not reportable since it was most likely an accident.

It’s very challenging for ATC to know the full story in these scenarios, which is why they commonly just let it play out.


Send the replay file/screenshots to a moderator and they will sort it out. Please don’t do this publicly on the forum.

Given its an IFFG member - most likely an accident rather than trolling…

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I disagree with you on the taxi or push backing out. The best thing is just respawn somewhere else.


Things happen in a multi-player environment for various reasons. Moderators will not take action for small things like this. Moderators will involved for more serious/trolling cases.

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Thank you everyone! Thought this was a trolling problem as the user spawned in me! You can close this now 😊

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