Expert Server Problem


My call Sign is Mexicana 725 and I tried accessing the expert server and I was unable to to use it. I noticed the new requirements but I believe I meet all the criteria. I have 53 landings with only 1 violation. So I am not sure why I can’t access the server. Any insight would be really appreciated.

Hello! Are you getting a pop-up saying what’s missing when you try? Or what is stopping you? Need some more details :)

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A screenshot of your grade table may also be handy.

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  1. Check requirements
  2. Try again
    2.5. Check internet
  3. Restart app
  4. Uninstall and reinstall app
  5. Restart device
  6. Well, probaly something else to do. Nothing else really.
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Oh wait.
7. Factory reset if absolutly nessasary

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I am getting an error for too many violations. Here is my grade table.

What about your total violations? That could be the problem.

Please check the new restrictions to the expert server here:

Have a nice day!

Where can I find my total violations?

Spawn in on TS1, then find yourself using LiveFlight

Look at your profile while in flight. Use a flight tracker and track yourself, this should work.

When you start a flight, go to, check your user details and you should see your total violations.

You only have a total of 53 landings, so you should not have more than 26 total violations.

If you do, just continue to make landings on Training Server, until your violation count is greater than 50% of your landing count, and you should make it back to the Expert Server

experiencing the same thing

To check your violations, just spawn in on the causal server at an airport. Then, go to and find your plane. You will be able to see your total violations.

Is it working? I am flying out of KMDW and I can’t find my flight. Is the service down?

Are you looking on the correct server?

expert shows empty I can’t believe it 14 PM

Let it load for a minute or 2

never had to wait. 5 minutes still empty

@Cameron I’m getting the same issues on all servers.