Expert Server Practical Before Access is Granted

Hey there IFC! I am CREntinger and am a huge aviation enthusiast. I love flying with different members of the IFC on the Expert Server and using a very realistic approach to flying on IF. However, it never fails that you will see people on the Expert Server who are doing things improperly, such as strobe/landing lights on as soon as they spawn in, etc.

I propose that there is a new platform implemented to solve this problem. It would be a transition server from the training server to the expert server. Once you are eligible to fly on the expert server, you would enter the transition server where you must pass a practical before being granted access to the expert server.

The practical would consist of a full flight (example: flight from KATL-KDFW) where ATC would be available at both locations. You will be tested on all departure and approach procedures as well as ground and tower procedures on departure and arrival. If you successfully pass this practical, you would be granted access into the expert server. In order to maintain a great flying experience, IFATC would then hold everyone to a higher standard of flying and professionalism and would ghost/report those who are subpar.

Let me know what you think! I think this would be a good addition, but I understand the development team has a lot to work on right now.

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