Expert Server penalty procedure idea

a lot people are complaining of sometimes really bad law breakings in the Expert server. (And believe me, I can sing a song of it too)
Since Expert Server is used to simulate Air Traffic and flying in general as real and professional as possible, there is something to do to make the experience great again.

Some people request to strengthen the requirements to use the Server - which is good and could work of course.
But I fear that some people (like me) who dont fly so often or have so many landings in 90 days etc., aren’t able to use the server anymore, which could also make negative effects for events (less user - less traffic - less real world experience).
And since the requirements are messured by Grades, it could be also a problem, in terms of downgrades.

Instead, I would introduce an advanced penalty system. ATC is already allowed to report users, which aren’t following the rules after several warnings.

I would introduce this systems also for Pilots:

If we see or witnessing a major rule violation, we can report it to the ATC (if one is available) or to a team which analyze the incident and send these simply to the rule breaker.

Of course it could be possible to create categories like: Level A, Level B Violations (depending on the incident of course)

Therefore the accessibility to the expert server is still measured like right now, but also by the violations.

I know, It seems like the current violation system at first sight, but we see that the current system doesn’t work at all, and some and some big rule violations are waved through far too easily.

I would really appreciate your opinions about this, or what your ideas are to solve this increasing problem.
Maybe we can find a good solution to enjoy the expert server again? :)

Thanks for reading!!


We used to have a “report” function for users. It was really prone to spam reports, hence it’s removal.

I like your thinking, but I’m afraid it isn’t going to work. Things like spam filters won’t work either I’m afraid.

Next to that, my interpretation and tightness on the rules can be different from yours.

I’m sorry, it just won’t work :/

Definitely check out this topic, it has some great why’s and how’s behind other ideas, including yours.


Alright thanks. So sad that this doesn’t work :/ these incidents are really messing up

Thanks for your Answer! :)


I agree nonetheless, the expert server is not living up to its name 🥲


Turning into the Caspert Server.

(The joke is Casual and Expert mixed together)


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