[Expert Server NOTAM] Ghosting for not following ATIS

Your safest option is to just fly the runway heading until you get to the end of the cone. Then, permitting traffic, make a turn and continue your climb in the direction of your intended destination. Just make the judgement if you need to increase your rate of climb, or decrease your rate of climb to avoid a conflict with the aircraft on the parallel runway (if any). If you’re on approach/departure, then as it’s its been stated, the ATIS is no longer applicable to you, and you are to fly the headings, speeds, and altitudes that they provide you.


If ATIS state that 3 runway are in use for departing (let’s say runway A, B, and C) , then we request runway A, why sometimes we still instructed to use Runway C?

Either way when approaching.
If controller only want us to go C runway, why he also opened A and B?

I’m sorry if this shouldn’t be asked in this topic…

The controller sees a bigger picture than you do. They have a better idea of where traffic should go. Just follow instructions and you should be fine :)

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@ekolaziale Essentially what I quoted from Diamond. This decision takes into account the size of your aircraft, the requested runway, and the volume of traffic for instance. Generally controllers are pretty good about giving the runway to you if you request it, but if for any reason a controller deems your aircraft too large or a hinderance to other aircraft in the vicinity, they’ll likely vector you to a runway of a suitable size and of one that will get you to the airport in a more expeditious manner. Hope this clears up your question/concern.

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I’ve been waiting for this to happen

ATC understands the “big picture” let’s say you have 3 north/south runways and it’s north departures, if you’re going west I’d send you off 36L, if you’re going 310-030 I’d send you off the center, going east going off the right side. Helps to flow traffic more smoothly. All depending on runway and aircraft of course

It would be useful to add option on tower or approach ATC “please check ATIS prior to contacting my frequency” -> acknowledge handoff “Roger” then redirect into ATIS

pilots should be doing it by habit if they ‘fly’ on the expert server…

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I personally think that’s a good addition to the Ghosting rules.

We do actually have this in our Misc Messages. “Check ATIS frequency for airfield information” is one of them.

However, you should always listen to the ATIS before departing, and upon arrival if you aren’t tuned to an approach frequency :)


Yes I am aware of that command. I just think that it may be useful to add a handoff command like “Roger, tuning on ATIS, callsign”. What do you think ?

I just don’t think it’s necessary. Remember if we think there’s something you’ve missed on the ATIS we’ll ask you to check it again. You should be checking it in the first place, and shouldn’t need reminding to check it. (As I’m sure you do!)


A much needed update
Just finished controlling at klax, though it’s stated “straight out departures only” in atis and and as I’m using both 24s and 25s for departure to keep path with the large flow of aircraft, some pilots still think it’s a good idea to cut directly after takeoff in front of another aircraft departing.
Some lessons have to be learnt, even if it means being ghosted to learn it.

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+1 all my flight plans are filed with current SID/STAR routes (including the Breezy Point and CRI climbs out of JFK as well as the DEEZZ4 RNAV)

They should get you guys a command for “DIRECT TO” because at LAX all the proper waypoints are in the sim for the departures and they’re designed to allow max traffic flow

Excellent, every time more real than possible. Please expand more detailed information in the Spanish-speaking forum. Thank you

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In all honesty this should of been implemented since the addition of ATIS, it is still an ATC frequency after all, and pilots should always follow the controllers instructions unless it violates the safety of a flight.


Oh thank god that this has been implemented,

Thanks so much FDS.

I sick and tired of hearing Expert Server pilots requesting ‘remaining in the pattern’ when the ATIS clearly says ‘No pattern work allowed’

I’m sure the actual IFATC controllers are super happy about this, it means there’s less time wasting telling a pilot to follow the instructions!

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That was actually fixed in the latest update ;)

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I know that! That is why I was thanking FDS for implementing it!


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