[Expert Server NOTAM] Ghosting for not following ATIS


Expert Server ATC may now ghost pilots for not following procedures broadcasted on the ATIS frequency.

Whether arriving or departing, please always adhere to pertinent information such as straight out departures only (fly runway heading to the end of the cone), no intersection departures, flight plan requirements (prior to requesting taxi), etc. If under the control of ATC follow their instructions. Actual ATC instructions will always trump ATIS information, such as Departure issuing a turn immediately after takeoff despite ‘straight out only’ being broadcasted.

This change holds all parties accountable and makes certain that everyone is taking the extra time to properly check airport conditions and procedures much like you would in the real world. As always, a warning will still be given if time/traffic conditions permit.

With this change we have also added “Not following ATIS” to controller’s list of ghostable reasons allowing it to appear in your logbook if ghosted for this reason.

Happy Flying!


Feel free to discuss or ask any questions below!


Great to see the Expert server is becoming a little more expert!


You’re all encouraged to utilize the helpful resources available. @Chris_S has made a great quick guide to clear up any confusion on ATIS information and what it means to you, the pilot:


I completely agree with this idea. Thank you so much!!!😁


I dont feel like enough people tune in when inbound, hopefully this helps!


Thank god, either if that is influenced by my topic yesterday or not, Im happy about inprovements on expert. I often notice people just ignoring ATIS and taking it as some voice in the background, not actually reading it. Hope the importance of ATIS gains more awareness by this :)


I have a question. If the ATIS says “straight departures only”, and tower says “make left/right teaffic”, which instruction do you have to follow?

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As with every other comment here, I would say this was very much needed. Checking ATIS should be a norm for everyone. 👍🏻


Intersection departure is taking off from some other point on the runway other then the end of it. Traffic pattern has nothing to do with it.

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Yesyes, I have already corrected it

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You’re not departing if you’re remaining in the pattern. So that doesn’t apply.

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Tower trumps ATIS. Things can change fast and tower may not have been able to update ATIS.

Tower will only tell you a direction if you are remaining in the pattern.

You can still have straight out departures even remaining in the pattern. The spirit of having straight out is to get planes a little further away from the airport before turning either direction. This helps to eliminate the chances of interfering and lets the pilot get to a more stable point of flight before turning.


Im glad this is now an option, however; Im concerned about when the ATIS hasnt been updated and the airport is slow. For example yesterday the ATIS at EHAM said Straight out departures only with RWY 22/24/27 departures. Those type of departures do not do straight out because of possible collisions for and potential Go around aircraft from the RWY18s. This would mean my departure to the south would not have been authorized since the departures were only “straight out”. If IFATC would be picky about that it would be extremely disappointing and really this means if anything that IFATC needs to be dilligent about keeping an up to date ATIS because I am seeing a lot of old ATIS messages being broadcasted at time.


Ok, thank you.

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But in this scenario ATC also shouldn’t be departing simultaneously unless the separation will exist. Departure paths intersecting is treated the same as intersecting runways. If you encounter these issues let us know so we can correct it! We want both sides to be on their game.


Awesome! Question, if I’m departing straight out but departure turns me, I won’t be ghosted for that right?

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I am absolutely excited for this! I cannot tell you how many times it’s clear to me pilots havenot checked ATIS thoroughly or at all (and I admit I’m guilty of this a few times when I’m distracted so I’m not saying by any men’s its everyone else) but this will allow us as ATC to be more productive in our sessions. I approve this thread!

No, you will not be ghosted.

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Once you are handed off to departure / Approach. Follow their instructions for heading and altitude.


You would not be on the tower frequency so they wouldn’t ghost you and you would be followibg departure instructions so no

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