Expert server not working

So I have tried to play on the expert server as a grade 3 but it loads me in but I cannot see other or the ATC. It does work when I go on the other servers, but not the expert server

Could you please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing to help us assist you better? Thanks!

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image image

This is where there is supposed to be ATC and other aircraft but there is not, however when I go on other servers such as training there is atc and people


Could you send us a copy of your Grade table? The most likely cause of this is due to a slight issue with the Violation/Landings ratio. We broke something so it’s not showing the error message it should show before you spawn.

I still am grade 3

Yes the Expert servers has a error, i cant see atc and other players flight plan. The servers are going on and off all the time

That’s more than we’ve heard?

@Chris8 - you have too many reports for Expert. We know of an issue with this and will be fixing this shortly. But the reason it’s not letting you connect is because of the reports.

How come the grade 4 table part is green then, I don’t have too many reports

If you are referring to the picture you previously posted, it’s because you don’t have the necessary amount of landings.

If you were to check your grade table now, how does it look?

I know the problem. You can’t 5 reports to be on the expert server so that’s why it’s doing that. Or your internet connection is bad.

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