Expert Server, not so “expert”?

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for many years now, and experienced a lot. To get to the point, grade 3, 4, and 5 players have access to the expert server. Anybody could get grade 3 in less than a week easily. Only 10 hours of flight time and 50 landings, and you’re in! You might no nothing of how to fly a plane and how IF works properly yet you’ve made it into the highest server in the game.

Not to point fingers to grade 3 players, but some people who are new to IF flight and have expert server usually don’t make things realistic.

  • Take this for example, a United plane spinning out at KDEN today. Not to say they are bad at the simulator, they could’ve had crosswinds, but this would rarely happen in real life. The whole point of the expert server is to have real world situations

  • A350 cutting in front of me at ENGM

There are many more things that I didn’t bother to capture, but I would be surprised they would be on the expert server.

For the IF team to sort this out, I think there should be a server dedicated to the Grade 5 and Grade 4 players, OR increase the grade 3 requirements.

Since so many people have started playing the simulator, only 3 servers is getting a little out of control, some people may disagree with that. This may be closed in 5 mins, but thanks for reading and I hope you agree with me.


These topics come up from time to time and with the same responses and arguments from all angles. Everything from grade does not equal skill to new servers and requirements. Some things would be great to add while some things are just not technically possible at the moment.

The servers have seen an increase lately of volume due to more people being home so there are some growing pains going of. Often times the ones that complain about realism or someone misbehaving are also ones that taxi with strobe lights on or take off on a grass field in a 747. Some situations occur due to simple network issues where planes disappear and someone take their place. Things happen so some patience should be given in all servers.

The developers constantly evaluate the server/grade requirements for potential changes and are aware of the recent increase in volume. Decisions like this are not easy to make as there are a wide array of variables that need to be taken into account for every situation to be covered.

The IFATC team are always looking for more people to hop in the towers. The more towers that can be opened the more coverage that can be obtained. This is the most effective and immediate way to help out.

I hope you understand why I closed the topic. We end up getting 75-100 messages in and people are going in circles saying the same things. All I can say is that its a work in progress.