Expert server not being very expert

Was flying At PHNL, Tower and APPR were active and I had to go around once for spacing. No worries I understand. I go around and on the second try tower closes while on the ILS 8L. I call on final 3 times on Unicom as another plane takes the runway for take off. It was going to be close but I could make it. Just then a C-130 Takes the runway while I am very short final.
It’s not that hard people. Just pay attention, the Expert server doesn’t seem to very expert anymore


Just remember not everyone on expert is on the forum, and it’s likely the person who inconvenienced you was one of those people.

Also remember that of those people, it’s their way or the highway, and there really isn’t any solution for that.


That C130… not sure what the standards are in IF for close ones though (while not under ATC)

yep. and there was someone tailgating me as I was taxiing to 8L as soon as ATC closes


Expert server without ATC is just a disguised training server let’s face it.


As much as that statement hurts to read, it’s true, so many inexperienced pilots, that just don’t know how to land or anything. Saw someone in a B744 landing on a runway that was just long enough for it, they hit the ground going 190kts overran the runway and just left. It bothers me on the amount of casual behaviour we see on expert. However the only thing you can do, is be the more mature person, and go around if spacing is an issue regardless if you were there first or not. The requirements aren’t high enough, someone can it in a matter of a few days, do 75 t&g’s in casual, do a few long hauls and there, you’re in expert. But oh well, nothing can be done as of right now unfortunately

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I agree… unfortunately the few that misbehave on the Expert Server ruin it for everyone else

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We will continue to monitor.