Expert Server No ATC

an Expert Server without ATC will be Great!


Yeah, but I still think there would be caos.

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What do you mean?

That’s your casual server


Just fly an uncontrolled region.


Always you have a EXPERT server without ATC,just go where aren’t!easy!

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There are 16 regions that have no ATC operating in them right now. And that’s pretty normal. It’s very unusual to find every single one of them populated by ATC.

No it wouldn’t.

All you have to do is just go on Expert at 12:00-2:00PM Macau time, and there’s literally one or no ATC.

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The Expert server demands professionalism. You can’t possibly have that with planes landing at the same time, or people taxiing into each other. One of the reasons the expert server is what it is, is because of the strict rules that are enforced by the IFATC. Without them, it would be more of a casual server. Which we already have.

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I have to say, expert server users are pretty good at using Unicom.


Even so, I don’t expect all of them to follow if no one is watching over them. (IFATC)