Expert server need some ATC out of MCO

Doing a flight of 5 for IAH-MCO and need someone on tower ground ATIS info 18s and 17s are landing and departing

You may use the designated region tracking thread for any requests related to ATC on the Expert Server.

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Ok so how do I request ATC?

Leave a reply on the thread, and if a controller is available and willing to staff the airport, they’ll open for you.

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Yeah I put a reply no answer tho

I mean, it is 1am for folks in the Eastern Time Zone, where the majority of the US East controllers reside, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t anyone available at this time of day.

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Are you in IFATC?

Yes, I am.

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Can you operate?

No, I am based in the US West region.

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Wait so only people from that region IRL are allowed to operate anyone outside that region are not allowed to operate?

It’s not based on the controllers’ real world location - it is completely their choice in terms of what region to select. However, the majority of controllers chose same region that they live in when choosing what region to select, and for this reason, the US East region will probably be on the quieter side at this time of day.

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So can’t you choose the east region?

I certainly can, but I chose to stay in my home region of US West.

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So is it possible you can change real quick and operate at MCO?

I have no interest in switching regions at this time, nor do I want to control right now.

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Why is it to much hastle?

Because I have a personal life and am prioritizing other things at the moment. Please respect that.


Ok I was not asking that question as an insult was asking if it was to much hastle because I don’t know anything about IFATC and I figured it might be a hastle trying to change regions because you would have to get clearance from the mods which can take for ever or something not trying to disrespect the mods either

Well, you’d be correct about the moderator clearance thing, but on the other hand, I don’t want to switch regions for a minimum of 30 days just to open for someone once. I’m satisfied with my current region and have my best interests in mind, and whilst I do apologize for the lack of ATC on your end, you do have to respect my standpoint and the standpoints of my fellow controllers.

Have a nice flight.