Expert server mayhem

Hello everyone on IFC is like to ask you all what you think of this picture. The story behind it was that at RJAA I’d just taken off and been passed on to departures who had cleared both me and Iberia 24 to proceed on course I was departing 34R heading toward RKSI but remained runway heading as Iberia had taken off on 34L and was beside me. Then this is what happens Iberia starts to turn towards its destination happening to be on my right l, now if there’d been 1000 ft spacing between us everything would be normal however this person was at the same Fl as me meaning I had to steeply ascend to escape a midair collision creating an uncomfortable ride for my ANA passengers.

What’s your thoughts could I have done anything else or was it good I broke away?

The normal departure

The intercept into my airspace


You could stop your climb, and potentially break the separation of 1000ft but would be more realistic if there was no departure, in the future if you’re doing a parallel takeoff start with a slow climb, because this does happen frequently. Other times, if there’s nobody on final, i’ll let the other person start roll and get speed before i proceed to takeoff:)
But hey you tried and kodos to you my friend 🙂


Thanks a lot will revise on this some very helpful information 😁

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Props tho, for asking the community. Not many do, or even would. Have any more questions shoot me a Pm and i’ll answer the best to possible extent 🙂

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Thank you the reason I asked the Community is because I know people like you would be able to help me with more pointers thanks 😁

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It’s always a good Idea to reach out to the controller that was active. There is a lot you can learn from contacting us, but it also works the other way round.
I can speak for many when I say we are always happy to help you out and explain things. And who would know more about the situation than the person monitoring it ?

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Was Straight out departures only included in the ATIS?


No I was departing west but I couldn’t because of traffic on my left side like @Alphadog4646 said I should’ve probably slowed my approach.

That didn’t answer my question. In the ATIS transmission in the latest information you had, was straight out departures only included? You can find that in your replay.

Sorry read that question wrong. Yes straight out departures only

Sure was!!! Str8 out departure is in the ATIS

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With the conflict happening at around 6000ft then I would imagine that you were relatively far away from the airport’s airspace. We’re allowed to clear simultaneous parallel departures when straight out is in the ATIS. If there was a conflict the controller should have intervened.


Ok thank you I thought the departure controller was going to be helpless to the situation as we where almost out of the airspace next time I’ll check for traffic and keep a slower V/S

I’m the tower controller at RJAA and remember this happening. It was parallel dep, @Lovethisgame did a good job trying to avoid the noob from the other runway.


Thanks for that you where doing an awesome job controlling today 😁

I wouldn’t call him a “noob”, especially since people like to do real world SID’s and STARS’, and from what I have seen, this may have been the case.

I"ll just say:

When on the Expert Server - expect “experts” to be on there, I usually always have a SID in my flghtplan and fly the SID. After looking at the SID’s for RJAA; the person that took off from runway 34L could have been flying (depending on his destination) the BORLO1, GULBO1, OLVAN1, SAKUR4 or TETRA7 departurs.

I’m just putting that out there, as the “noob” may have been more realistic than others…

Also, when you were saying that you wanted to depart west, as you were departing 34R, you could have also flown the PIGOK1 or REDEK1 departures. (You’re not in the wrong, and I feel that the other person is also not in the wrong, just a suggestion). Yes, I’m aware “straght out departures” means you fly to the end of the ILS cone, but, the ATC controller could have also said “straight out until X amount of altitude”. Which, may have also been the case seeing it happened at around 6,000ft.

Eiher way, I hope whatever the issue was has been resolved. That’s just my two cents.

Best Regards,


Lmao yeah I usually fly with SIDs and groan when tuning in to the ATIS and hearing “straight out departures only” or when being given clearance for takeoff “fly runway heading until at or above 5,000 ft”. And especially so if the SID requires an immediate turn after departure (some examples are LAM22X from ZSPD and AGEN3Q from LEBL). Or when I fly on the TS and someone happens to be controlling at the airport and I therefore can’t descend via the STAR.


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