Expert Server - Live Server Down

Device: iPad Air 5th Generation (2022)
Operating system: iPadOS 16.3


I’m currently flying on the Expert Server from KJFK to EGLL and I’m just south of EGGP. The live server is currently down for me and showing red in the connection. I have checked my WIFI and have even tried different WIFI connections as well as mobile hotspot and none of them are connecting.

I’ve also heard from other users that they are currently experiencing the same issue as well.

Keeps trying to re-connect but does not succeed in doing so.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hi mate yeah i cannot connect as well i think the expert severs are down as well

Currently facing the same issues here as well (Over the pacific). Internet is perfectly stable on my side yet struggling to connect to the live server

Device: iPad Air 4th Generation (2020)
Operating System: iPadOS 16.3

Update: It seems like some users have been able to reconnect to the server but there are quite a few of us who haven’t been able to reconnect either

Same here, with the iPhone 11, Can confirmed Miami, Florida is experiencing issues as well

And I guess we’re going to have to wait on either
Cameron, Schyllberg or Kai.

Hi, thanks for the reports. We aren’t seeing any issues connecting right now, though we’ll keep an eye on it



Just in case others have this error:

There’s currently an outage with Azure affecting a bunch of services, including the service that runs the current Expert Server. There may be some outages while Microsoft work to resolve this, and these may be local to some geographical regions

We suggest using the Expert Beta server for the time being if you are experiencing issues today:

Sorry for any inconvenience!


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