Expert server | KLAX ATC | Ghosted for no reason

Hey all! I was flying my new FedEx MD-11 (FedEx 4 11) on the Expert Server at 0445Z December 12. After requesting pushback about 5 times over the course of 10 minutes, I was never responded to, and other aircraft around me were getting ATC calls left and right. I checked all my flight info, but nothing seemed to get the controllers attention. I was ghosted around 0505Z and left the session. I never got a hold of the controller’s name, so if you are reading this, feel free to respond here or send me a message! I’m kind of just confused on this issue. Is there anything I can do myself to help get this ghosting looked at? I’m kind of upset that I never got an ATC call my way telling me to stop sending dupe messages and had no idea if the controller knew I was calling. What should I do? If anyone wants to do me a favour and find who the controller is, that would be appreciated, as I could send him/her a message myself.

you could have shown up as “unknown” to the controller, Did you interfere with any traffic?

What airport were you at?

Nope, sat at my cargo stand w/ engines off. Both aircraft to my left and right pushed back and taxied off with controllers permission.

Los Angeles International, KLAX

Contact @mwe2187 as he may be your guy

hmm, maybe it was an accidental ghost and the controller meant too ghost someone else. with the all airplanes on there screens, he could have hit yours instead and not the one that the controller was aiming for. they do get jumbled at times i know from experience

Could you check who the current ATC controller for LAX is for me? I’d appreciate that a lot!

Is this the current controller? I’ll shoot a message

i could see. I would contact Mr. Tyler Shelton or any ATC moderator. They would know who it was

I’m getting the controller in contact with you. Expect a PM soon.

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