Expert Server issues

Hi guys

Just been flying in Chicago server and the server just keeps dropping out for me, spoke to the controller Wayne Horne and he was having issues ATC end as well. And it’s still like it now. A real pain for communicating to ATC just wouldn’t work. Good thing for Slack 😉. If someone can look into it that would be great!


Why don’t you just PM Tyler?


Because it’s like 5am where he is

American life having to be a long way behind in time zones

No one on the forum can help… :)

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Worth a shot @Cameron might’ve been able to mention it as he’s my time zone or even @MishaCamp

I’m in Kenya so I don’t think my timezone is the same 🤷🏼‍♀️


seriously this might be a support issue. And there are people who could helpout with a post like this and that would be the devs and mods mainly.


Oh yeah I forgot lol

I was at Chicago too around 30-45mins. But I didn’t experience this issue. Hopefully a server reset can help 😊

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It’s a common issue in Chicago. The controllers and pilots always have problems with connections. Not sure why though.
(This is why this region is rarely open)

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There tends to be issues with Chicago.

It´ll be solved soon, though.

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As everyone else says, no matter how good you wifi is, in a bit you lose connection.

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I was even getting a bit of lag, on an iPad Pro! I was very confused lol

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Yep, happens with me too on an iPhone 6 with some of the best wifi out there. Flew 45 minutes and then connection just shut off:(

I’ve just had the server reset and monitoring some of the issues at this time. 🙂