Expert Server is still Expert Server, @EGLL

Just now, during my 11 hour flight from CYVR to EGLL, all controllers went offline. Please remember to keep your spacing. Several would have been reported here. Please do not spam these people or give them hate, but I’m not blocking our the names since they need to know, you would have been ghosted if ATC were active

This I can’t even explain… This is Casual behaviour.


Also by the way, I know there are several topics regarding this, but this one is purely for this event, and for your approach into Heathrow. I would have tried to report the aircraft behind me, if he didn’t leave the game before even leaving the runway (He wasn’t ghosted).

So just to note… This isn’t a duplicate, but a mere reminder to those approaching into any airport today on Expert, that please be aware of your surroundings.


His username is in the picture. I was managing to keep my spacing with you, at least.😂😒.

I did take the second exit available after landing as both a sign of ‘please go around’ and ‘you are too close to me’. There were no other aircraft below 5nm out on the runway when I did this.

Yeah I came from Vancouver. I had a stupid holding pattern because being a 14 year old in a family I suddenly got told we were going shopping for my holiday into Toronto and Calgary. RIP. So I added 3 hours of extra flight time, (with 6 hours fuel left) and luckily got back at the perfect time to descend.

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That function was removed for pilots. If the incident was bad enough, you’d need to message a moderator with your replay and time the incident occurred in UTC, for anything to actually happen.


Yeah, I know that. Somehow I spammed it at least 20 times to someone the other week along with 4 others who are normal grade3 and 4 flyers, and managed to ghost him, it said in the replay. Yet the next day he was active again on expert. 🤔 Weird, no one else but us was nearby at CYVR.

Yeah I saw that, I looked on your profile to wonder where you came from and it said ‘EID#’ and I was just thinking ‘please don’t be one of these people who fly long hauliers from a small airport next to the destination…’ Hppe you enjoyed your flight though! And yes that holding 'pattern’was a bit erratic.

Yea…Expert isn’t as Expert as it was.Unfortunately not everyone is on the ES are in the the community

I highly suggest Pilots needing to take a short test in order to be on Expert Server, it might solve the problem


Expert server just became this big joke, it’s getting ridiculous when no controller is around.

We need a new system to get people suspended or this will only get worse.


That won’t work, they would make the test and when they passed they’ll be trolling anyway

I always do my long haul at night. I time the flight so when I wake up I begin the descent. It works good during school days.

Anyway the issue isn’t that bad for me. My favorite airport to fly in and out of is NTAA, and I do routes to Auckland, Tokyo, LA, and Paris often. The only airports that I ever see anyone at are LA and Paris.

They could mandate getting a community account when you buy live.

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FPD is simpler in my opinion.

Yesterday I reported somebody to Deercrusher and i haven’t gotten a response about it.

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But it would greatly reduce the amount

I still remember when I grabbed the frequencies out there. When I had started, the separation between each aircraft was not much. I saw a 777 very close behind an xcub. 🤷‍♂️ I was forced to instruct some go arounds as there was no safe spacing. People still don’t know the definition of “expert server”. People are getting impatient. Only the real experts care about other pilots and realism.


I thought this topic was about problems that occur on expert server. Not about flight plans.


KLAX, EGLL, EHAM, and KSFO. The default airports without a subscription.

I Lways fly long haul either during school or mostly night, which is what this flight just here was. BA84 CYVR-EGLL, I had to hold for a few hours since I suddenly got busy with family. 11hours flight time… I got 6,754 XP from it though!

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It’s true if it feels off go around, take a extend approach or wait tillATC is back at the gate. 3 miles minimum.

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Fully agree here, Expert server has turned into a joke and people need to learn that this server contains real world pilots, like me, and people who want to be. They shouldnt just think they can do what they want. I Also think that ATC should have more control of aircraft and commands. Like for example ‘please check runway assignment’… Say this on Training, the aircraft will just tune out and take off.

@Kate_Russell People do need to learn to just have time… It’s not the end if the world if your delayed by a few minutes.

And yes please move discussions about FPL either to another topic, or a PM.