Expert Server Is Getting Better

I have noticed that I have not seen that much bad behavior on the expert server as of late. Maybe the tutorials have worked because I haven’t wanted to throw my phone in a while. Yes there are some laughable things that happen every now and then but it is definitely not as a bad as in March.


I’m sure the team is happy to hear that. Looking forward to seeing even more progress as we move into the second half of 2020.


That’s great to hear! I’m sure this is great information for staff. The recent grade 3 and grade changes as a whole have done their part it seems. There’s always going to be that person but glad to hear the positive feedback! :)


I would say this is thanks to the updates in the grade table made in 20.1, we have the devs to thank for that!

my last troll was a just a day or 2 before 20.1

Nice observation Tyler! I’m sure this could be due to the wonderful tutorials, Grade 3 requirement changes, less traffic on the expert server (people are starting to transition back to their old routines from being stuck at home), and the new violation system that helps educate users rather than punish them. We as a community are improving every day!


thanks for the words of positivity! i’ve felt this too and it makes me happy to see the Expert Server great once again

Coming from a controller’s POV, I agree! I control here and there, and there hasn’t been a situation where a report has been necessary, at least for me, in quite a long time. It almost goes back to the 20.1 update because I have barely seen much bad behavior since then.

Things are getting better because the world is (sort of) going back to normal therefor people don’t have as much time to troll & they are actually taking things seriously now. That’s my guess on it all

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I literally ran into a troll last night at Paris Charles de Gaulle xD. I couldn’t even report

I agree, but there is still some progress to be me. Someone missed a turn just before me and proceed to taxi through grass to make it to the runway yesterday in a controlled airport ahaha

Expert server is less busy too, which is imo a great thing

Just a heads up, only moderators, staff members, supervisors and a few others have the ability to report a user when flying. The report button you see, doesn’t work for most users.


Ah I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

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Just asking out of curiosity: is there a anything planned in future that makes it possible to directly communicate to other pilots or ATC? I think it would be helpful to improve each other’s behavior as well as flying skills. Instead of just reporting misbehavior.
Just as an idea: a pilot is able to call another pilot. Both sides have to accept(!) and if both sides confirm each other, they are able to start to chat. I know that comes along with a lot of effort for dev, but maybe it could be worth it. What do you guys think?


Hey Rey! Try poking around the #features category to see if it’s been requested. Otherwise, feel free to make a feature request once you reach TL2, though I think there is something like this already out there. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

Here’s what I ended up finding:

"Fingers" : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom

Option to Type to ATC

In Game Chat


Exactly something like this. Unfortunately I’m not able to post in features as I haven’t reached TL 2 so far.
I don’t really agree in all points he mentioned. This is a really good community, even on expert level. The feature of accepting chats on both sides gonna prevents missbehavior. I personally think it could work… but as also mentioned: decision is made on IF staff side.

I agree the expert server is way more professional than the release of the 20.1 update. Great job everyone!

Well this is great news! As an pilot and IFATC I have seen many unprofessional pilots around here. I was controlling an airport during FNF one time and I ghosted about 8 in 1 hour. Great to see improvements on the expert server

I don’t know, I got intercepted by an F-22 before I left for work…

Maybe s/he recognised you from the IFC. As long as he kept a safe distance I would find that ok :)