Expert server is busy...

Busiest I think I’ve ever seen expert server at 45% filled and this many flights overall.


Some people are really enjoying this update lol. It’s a madhouse (p.s. Just head to solo mode if you want to avoid all conflicts😂😂)


I believe i saw the server at 65% load at some point yesturday

Wow…lol then I see it when it’s nearly empty 😂

Yesterdays madness

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Wait that’s Expert? Cause aren’t you an IFATC? If so then what I see must be the calm of the storm…its eye lol wow and I thought it was busy. 😝

Wow, i’ve never seen it this busy.

Yesterday @IceBlue controlled KSAN with 85+ inbounds and 30+ wanting to depart. Never saw IF that busy :-)


expert server is busy, expect delays

When I logged on there were planes everywhere, probably cos of the new update

image OMG… :0, 172 people in Socal…