Expert server interruptions

Hi everyone! Hope y’all doing well. Is anyone else experiencing server interruptions or is it just me ? I’m going offline - online - offline - online all the time… Yesterday I had the same issue and it’s happening again now.

Thanks in advance for any support/reply

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You did the EXACT same topic yesterday…

I would recommend delete the other one as this one is in the support category, but please do not make duplicate topics.

Back to the actual topic:
Are you sure your connections is reliable?
Do you experience this only in IF?
What is your device (question in the template you deleted)?
Try disconnecting your device from your internet provider, forgetting the network and connect to it again.

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Hey. Yes I know, sorry about that. I’ll delete the other topic immediately and keep only this one in the support section.

Until now, yes I’ve had this issue only on Infinite Flight

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@Mathurin_Garcier I can’t find the other topic I’ve created yesterday actually. I’ve looked through my recent posts and I see only the one I posted today

Here’s a direct link to it

It has now been closed by the staff no need to worry anymore

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Thanks mate. It’s alright I found it. I tried to delete it and it said that I can’t delete the post and only staff can delete it. So I have flagged it as “duplicate topic” for staff to delete it, as mentioned in the instruction.

Ok thanks. As for your question earlier, I have the newest iPad model, the iPad pro 5th generation. And as for the device reconnection that you mentioned, I’ll give it a try if the issue persists. Thanks again for your support

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You’re most welcome, hopefully your issue gets resolved soon!

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Yes I hope so too, thanks. As for my main question on this topic, did other users mention/report playback this issue to you too or is it just me ?

I have no idea, try searching for “disconnection” for example, there might be some answers

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Roger that, thanks 🙂

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Here’s another post regarding this issue:


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