Expert server infinite flight

A feature I’d like to see is making the expert server harder to get into. Because I see way to many noobys that come in and act like they are on the casual server and ruin the realism of my flight a lot. You can easily get 100 landings and 50k xp; it should be more like 300k at least and more landings and hours cause it’s so annoying when people don’t know what they are doing and come onto the expert server. Even with Present atc they still find a way to ruin my flight by Going very fast on taxiways, Having strobe and landing lights on while on taxiway, at least have the landing lights on at night and not strobe, but anyway, Turning at 20kts plus, really really bad takeoff skills like in casual server where you takeoff and barely go up and keep bouncing off the ground spin around and crash. Also landings I mean I still have trouble landing so I can’t complain about that as well as takeoff but not that bad I try to do as good as possible. One last thing is when atc tells someone a heading and altitude and they say unable and fly how they want it ruins a lot than the atc say they will report said person and they leave the game:/. But yeah here is my little rant about annoying people in infinite flight hopefully it’s fixed cause I really don’t like it. :)


I just noticed how much I said…… wow hopefully someone reads all of it if not it’s fine

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Increasing xp requirement would just turn new players away instead.
BTW I don’t think you can even be reported for bad handling technique unless you actions interferes with another pilot.

Or a ATC reports your

I’ve said this many times, but I don’t see much benefit in changing any requirements for the Expert Server, because there is little to no link between your stats and how skilled of a pilot you actually are. I’ve seen enough Grade 4/5 pilots being utter bigots and ruining the experience of everyone else to know that bad pilots are going to slip through the cracks one way or another. The only way I can see the issue being improved is more people controlling, but that is more of a matter of getting them to actually do that more often, than restricting the server any further.


Yeah I was thinking about the requirements part after Changing anything wouldn’t do anything tbh unless they really do something smart to fix this than I wouldn’t really expect a change

I totally understand what you say. We all know, there’s a bunch of trolls and people who don’t follow instructions, but in a way to another, grade doesn’t really care. Personally I do care about the professionalism, not the stats. There’s a lot of grade 5 pilots who doesn’t comply with ATC. Anyways, IFATC is trained to detect any “medium-major” issue and take care of it, and giving a good service of course.

For me, people following instructions and who doesn’t Interfere with traffic are good pilots, even if they have to learn more.


I understand your frustrations… However this is in the end a business, and no matter how hard you make ES to access there will always be that “one guy” lol…

Blue skies and tailwinds!

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I completely agree. I honestly purchased this for the realism and honest they are other individuals who misses it up for you. And what irritates me more is that you get a violation for something far less meanwhile other are really messing it up for you. I was told already to be patience and try to understand. I had the very same views as yours up to YESTERDAY. I just had to smh and try to stay focus on making it feel real. I honestly believe things should be put in place. Honestly.

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Exactly mate. EXACTLY

And I myself I started drifting away from my stats etc. I try to keep a clean sheet and fighting to build up my landings etc and I realise grade 5 ppl are being utterly ridiculous and pointless in the expert sever and I’m like well why am I killing myself for realism and a perfect score? 😣 it’s discouraging. And then you get a violation for something you aren’t wrong for.

I do see your point but if they do make it harder to get in it means that Server traffic will die and it wont feel realistic anymore. As even now Atlanta is Dead half the time with the odd 1 or 2 aircraft now and then.

We all experience it and that we can’t do anything

Some people have work and school to worry more about

I’m finding myself writing the same response to this issue, hoping this time devs would consider.

Solution is fairly simple: target the individual, wish I have the time to convert comments I make in spare time to a feature req but anyway here goes…

What I meant by “target the individual” is to propose a very positive and uplifting method.


When you fly in Infinite Flight you don’t get an instructor sitting beside you, in essence, we’re all instant solos in any server. The requirement for this is logical: a pilot’s license.
NOT, real-world to sim-world license registration like you have in VATSIM, but an Infinite Flight PPL or CPL or better (one day when it finally becomes applicable): Instrument Ratings.

My argument
  • In real life, it’s so that you don’t get killed or kill someone else or destroy property.
  • In a flight sim, it’s so that you’ll have more pride and consciousness to become less likely to annoy others or embarrass yourself - and would be more likely to defend the skills of which you’re trained for.

Because in any case, after going through what it takes to get a license, you’ll have a clue to what you’re doing. I’m hoping Infinite Flight would be the first flight sim in the world to implement this (hope competitors aren’t reading!).

Of course, like in real life, incidents will still occur - but at least we’ll know the individuals involved are highly trained and licensed the same way the rest of us were - when you know that a highly trained individual just made a mistake you’d be more forgiving because you’d get less emotional.

Because, it’ll be less painful than, say, assuming that real stupid trolls broke free from the zoo ALL THE TIME because the lock is so easy to pick, then come crashing and ransacking people’s party and exit without even knowing what they’re doing or what they’ve done.

Supporting extras to this method
  • 1-4 Stripes besides your name upon completion of after-license challenges with the ultimate tittle “Captain” is something that you have to earn to be able to be used in expert. More pride = larger potential to have more shame in breaking rules.
  • Gotta become an IFC member - it’ll be a good marketing strategy and also, some of these notorious rule breakers in expert might not even have a clue that a supportive and wonderful community exist for everyone! Like some old saying goes: “Don’t know, don’t care”

I myself and maybe others are still nervous wrecks when encountering ATC in expert even after more than 3 years playing IF, because it was easy for me in the beginning to get to expert - a piece of cake, but like my driving instructor used to say: “Learned the wrong way from the start, a hazard to others in the long run”.


This is exactly what I was thinking - we need this to be implemented ASAP because this would be one of the main things to make Infinite Flight into the absolute best mobile flight sim. This would improve everyone’s experience so much!

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I feel the grades in IF need to have a stats change. I find it quite unfair that a major thing that determines your grades is the amount of landings. I think it’s should be actual flight time because people can easily get landings but to actually spend time and getting hours is quite hard.

Is it? Just max out the fuel, take off and leave with the autopilot on and you’ll rack up those hours faster than you’d realize.

Getting a landing that counts these days does however seem to be harder for some :)


Well you could gain about 100 landings with an hour or two in the casual server. Sit in a fighter jet, takeoff on runway 7R at KLAX, take a sharp left turn and touch and go on runway 24R. Touch and go again on Runway 7R. Same thing over and over again can increase your landing very quickly without much effort.

Yes I’m in high school so I can’t play as much as I did sadly.

I’m quite surprised, because I’m in the IFATC system so can only do T/S at the moment, and while there are a few that clearly have not much idea - (had someone whose idea of holding short was to sit on the runway the other day, which would have been okay but for the plane landing from the other direction) the vast majority are pretty good, and even people like the hold short person are just making mistakes, which is what T/S is about.

Perhaps ATC needs a “you need to check that pal” button :)

The number of actual idiots seems to be far less than I was expecting, even at KLAX and EGLL. I would expect E/S to be better, if only because you can get violations and banned for repeated mistakes or malicious stupidity.

One possibility might be like the IFATC test. Easier though. But check they understand the basics of flying and what the common ATC commands are and how you respond to them and basic terminology. I get some very novel interpretations of things like “left downwind 08R” (not just getting left/right mixed up) but I always get the impression that they are trying to do it right.