Expert Server Improvement!

Hello IFC!

I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Today I writing about something I have observed in the past 8 days since the release of v20.1. This topic is specifically regarding the improvements to Expert Server in terms of the quality of the pilots.

What I have Noticed
After spending multiple days in Expert Server at a variety of different locations, I have noticed that not only are the pilots more mature, but ATC has coped with the new update very well. I think the new violation rules are more strict, enhancing the user experience and making Expert Server more expert, just like it used to be!

What Still Needs to Change
Even with that being said, there are still a few things that need to change such as the incorrigible pilots who arise here and there. It isn’t as common as I have seen pre v20.1, but they still exist

Closing Remarks
All in all this update has changed Infinite Flight for the better and I respect the devs to a whole new level. Props to them and I hope everyone is enjoying the update!

Just a nice image I thought I should include to add color to the post. It was taken by @Z-Tube


Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure supervisors, moderators, and staff are pleased to hear this. Thanks for sharing.


Anytime. I hope I made their day!

I was inspired by @Z-Tube to write this as we were flying. He told me to take his idea and run with it, so I did!

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Ahh, glad you ran with the idea. I like how it turned out!


I’m glad you are pleased with how ATC is doing! All of this has been a new learning opportunity for all of us and I’m happy that it is paying off 😃

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@Drummer Continue the great work!! I was on your frequency a few days ago. Forgot where you were controlling though.

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It’s fully agreed. Hope staff would see that. Beeing IFATC I already saw too much incredible things happens on an expert server

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The only incident I have encountered so far when flying was a loss of seperation with someone starting their descent. That being said I haven’t seen much drama on expert anyways.

I’m not sure if the grade changes really helped. It takes less than half an hour to get 30 landings in a fighter lol

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Don’t give anyone any ideas!!!


Uh… on casual only. Doing that on train would get you aerobatics vio

@xsrvmy No, I’m referring to the fact that now people have the idea to do rapid touch and goes for XP and landings! We want to avoid that so people work their way to ES!


I agree! Since the update, I have ran into almost 0 to no problematic pilots. It seems as if this update, like you said, has brought more maturity and seriousness to the simulator!

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Glad you agree and see a change as well! Hopefully it stays like this :)

I did notice a slight improvement in ES behavior. But today i flew KMIA-MDPP and another person mightve had the same idea. Anyways they didn’t use unicom but they didn’t even land :/

Just as a general reminder, please use unicom whether alone or in a group. It’s a stepping stone to ATC communication

The using the ATC panel techinically violates “aviate navigate communiate” if you are handflying in a live cockpit because it blcoks the PFD so…

I don’t know why there hasn’t been any push to move the ATC menu

Because it works well…

With any multi-player system you cant force people to comply without repercussions. There are fewer bad apples but over time they will get what’s coming. Thanks for the report.

You’re referring my comment in my topic or @xsrvmy comment?

I was replying to both.

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Haven’t seen anything different. Got cut off while turning final last night and watched a dude completely disregard ATC’s instructions and get ghosted yesterday morning.