Expert Server IFC Requirement [Poll]

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So recently, I’ve been seeing an increase of outlandish behavior on expert, from taxing through others, to taking off into each other, the expert server has become a nightmare when IFATC isn’t there. but there could be a solution, but I’m not sure about it, and if it would work. Maybe there should be requirement where you have to make an account on the IFC in order to access Expert. There are its downsides, but think about it. It would expand our community, and introduce new people to the aviation community. It would also be easier to find trolls on expert, which would help out the ATC a lot.
As I stated, it does have some flaws, but in the long term, i think it would be helpful. so what do you think?

  • Make joining the IFC a requirement
  • Prompt, but not force them to join IFC
  • Leave it the way it is

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I like the idea, however some people won’t join and some people might not have access to the IFC due to country internet restrictions, so I think a prompt is best.


I don’t think joining ifc will make a big difference as people can just make an account an never do anything with it


Well, if they are using the Expert server I think it’s safe to assume they have some sort of internet connection


Yeah but some countries restrict what websites you can visit, apps are diffrent I think.


I think we should just leave it the way it is. Also, if you see someone taxiing through someone or taxiing through the grass on the expert server. Please do not hesitate to a moderator to get the issue resolved :)


Moderators wouldn’t do anything for something like that. That’s why we have the report system, but the report system isn’t strong enough as you need a report from 3 people to be ghosted.

I’d think that requiring someone to have an IFC account wouldn’t change much, because as mentioned before they would probably just create an account and then just be inactive.


Reports=no longer in use


This is a good idea, in my opinion, there are lots of “not so experts” on the expert server.

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I think users should definetely be encouraged to join and use the IFC, as it will enhance their experience greatly and make them better pilots, but forcing them may be a little extreme… Just my two cents.

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What about this idea?

Incentives, not requirements. IFC member? 1.5x xp. How about if you watch all of the tutorials that are suggested? 3x xp.


That’s an interesting thought. I like the idea of mandating the tutorials, and then requiring a test. For people with prior knowledge they could go straight to the test or do a truncated “tutorial syllabus” and then take the test. Either way I would like a simple test for expert server just to make sure everyone is knowledgeable. I also think that your IFC user name should be included in your Display name on IF. That way mods and IFATC can reach out to individuals


That idea has been suggested before, and rejected, my proposal is a little different. It would be rewarding excellence rather than requiring it. If we tripled the xp requirement for grade 3, but also presented an option to gain extra xp through tutorials and IFC accounts, than people would be motivated to learn rather than forced to.

That being said, I do agree with a basic knowledge test, although for whatever reason, I don’t think the devs approve.


Yea I saw it in a previous post. The Devs have their reasons. I hope something is implemented. I do like your idea of rewarding people for their efforts.


Adding more requirements does not help. By adding requirements, you just decrease the speed of trolls entering expert servers. Requirements never prevent users from trolling.
In order to stop trolling, we need to have strict laws and rules. On expert servers for example, 3 reports needs to be decreased to 2 reports (for being ghosted).
Another way to solve it is to ban users from expert server for a longer period of time. If they troll, not follow the rules, they just get banned for 3 months or even more.
We should show expert server is valuable and is only available to those who understand that value. If they don’t understand the value, then they should not be able to join.


But then you have those people who act professional, but goof up occasionally. 3 months for those people isn’t just right.


I have to say that my experience is much better with IFC, but IFC can hardly prevent bad behavior. There will always be bad nuts. I mean you can’t force them to be active earthier, frankly them running into IFATC, or Mods and getting a ghost is all that can really do much…


yeah. But when users report, they can say why the users is being reported. If it’s just a mess up, then nothing. But if it’s trolling, then they need to be banned.

I think having a prompt would be a nice idea! Maybe once you reach Grade 3?

Anyway, about the behavior problem… another possible fix is having a system where people can “complain” about another Expert Server pilot, and if one pilot gets enough downvotes (maybe 15-20?), then System could give them a ghosting.
Does anyone know of a feature request for this idea?

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